Fishing installation shot

Most people believe that strelavaya installation is intended only for fine fishing, but there are several ways to lose the cat! (Or fish), depending on the case. The new style of Power Drop-Shot, created by Kotaro Kiriyama, is fast becoming a bigger and better bags on many tracks of the tournament.

Snarjadnye units consist of a hook tied over the sinker, which is arranged at the end of the line to the lure suspended from the bottom. Conventional gear consists of a light action, and spinning 4-8 pound line, and tactics is typically deployed vertically in deep water.

Kiryyama says "Drop-Shotting" – a presentation of a soft plastic bait in a way that is different from Texas and falsification Karolinska "If conditions allow, Kiryyama (who has registered 10 of the top 10 finishing record in his first 37 events on tour) says.: "you can get more bites of a light line and smaller devices, but if there are more serious & # 39; oznae cover, required power version.

This method, which we have successfully used all of last year, and now we will share them with you here in the northeast. This technique works well in all lakes, rivers and ponds here in the northeast. This is a great way to gather a real quality Stringer.

Configuration shot with a weight under the lure makes it ideal for a collision in heavy cover. The reason lies in the fact that Georgia is better passes through the lid and falls straight to the bottom.

You can catch fish faster and cover more water! We catch him as other anglers fishing the Texas plant, but like Kiryyama, we believe that it is more efficient! This is a great tactic for such places like a river or a descendant of the lake such as Gaston and Kerr, where the fish are under high pressure and used to seeing anglers who overturn and Texas rigs. This gives the fish with high blood pressure a very different kind. The drill rig has some other advantages. The hook assembly is less wear because no sinker b & # 39; etsya and pulls the hook bottom, where they can be damaged and assembly line. You can also discover the bites a lot easier, because the feeling is along the line without passing through Georgia, which dampens the sensitivity. In the lower Delaware has a swamp with bald cypress trees in one of the lakes, and there are similar areas in the river Nantykok. Most anglers these trees being moved from Texas rigged worms the size of 4 inches or in the spring with a small lizard. We like the installation of electricity falling in these areas is the best. It attracts the bass, which lie at the bottom or suspended to cover the roots.

You can catch this setting either horizontally or vertically. The heavy flow in the river on the upper bay Sasafras Chesapik we pull it with a clear water in a quick movement, and lavim Legun which holds near the edges in anticipation of an easy meal. You can successfully use this installation in deep cover. It will be good to work in a standing forest in Lake Table Rock when fished on the test fluorocarbon 10-16 pounds. We used 30-pound test, if the fish were aggressive, and dropped to 10 pounds, if the bite tougher. It is clear that the method zapetskannya water works much better in these conditions. There is a north-east, which are sometimes very clear water, and in these areas it's fine. We use it around deep points also with great success. Such water as Spruce Run and Greenwood in New Jersey and New York – it's great areas to use the power drop shot. We use it anywhere, which is commonly used Caroline, or Texas rig.

When we turn strelavuyu installation Power Drop, we use 6 and 6 1/2 inch Yamamoto Cut Tail. We have tried many other lures with this setup, but straight tail and sharp worm gave the best results. If you deploy it in a fairly light cover, you can go with a lighter sinker 1/16 ounce, and as the cover becomes more dense, we climb on a 3/8 oz. Since the beginning of 2003, we did not use anything other than tungsten weights for all our baits. We believe that this is particularly important in the case of falling power shots, because tungsten is difficult to lead that allows you to get a lower profile, better penetrate the cover and makes it easier to feel the bottom.

Usually, we belong to the bait with a 2/0 to 3/0 Gamakatsu or X-Point Hook, but sometimes we raise 5/0 on some of the larger worms. The general rule using this setting for easy paging; The distance between the hook and weighing no more than 3-6 inches ahead of the bait itself.

Establishing a simple to use, does not need intricate tricks. Simply dip the bait around cover and let it sit. It does not require any other action because, as bait deviates from the line. The natural flow of water provides all you need action. We use it also in the bedding, since we have no closed season in Delaware during the tournament. Technique is similar to any other type of paging, which we do. We drop it next to the cover, let it sit a few seconds when the bass are picky, and then picks it up, and leap to the next target.

Try to shoot in strength this year in your local waters, when everyone else is throwing Texan or Karolinska installation, and you will find a big surprise!

Tips Prom Goddess – Prom Dresses East Coast

What's on the East Coast!

In the states of New England, except Delaware, prom dresses are more conservative than in the west. This may be partly due to the culture and traditions. This part of the country is deeply rooted in tradition.

As you may know, the East Coast was the first part of America that is settled, and it still carries out some puritanical sense of that era. The fact that there is still actively practiced Amishav community than in the West.

Subconsciously, this fact affects the trendy fashion. Thus, the modern liberties have stretched the definition of what is acceptable, but some of the original family values ​​interfere with teens in this area too dressed.

Formal schools you will still see the splits. They simply can not rise above the mid-thigh. And usually they will be only on one side, rather than up the right and left leg. Also, you'll see them on the front legs more than the rear.

And of course, the hems will still be short, but not so short. And it's unlikely that you'll have a mini-skirt and a split in one design. More common is split layer which covers the layer is completely covered.

Rather than plunge neckline, exquisite popular bodices. And instead of the V-back, which pulls the sternum, in the catalogs will feature earrings with complex patterns belts.

Basically, the color palette will not go beyond the basics: red, pink, navy and white. There was not a lot of prints or other savages. A traditional, single-color, full length as DG # 74,557, with & # 39 is a good example.

Hollar West Coasters!

The west coast is known more liberal. If you, for example, live in California, Delaware prom dresses you may not like. Especially in Los Angeles, the design will be more sexy.

This is because historically settled in the west of visionaries; those who decided to make their own culture, rather than follow others. And in later years it became a place of cultural denial and freedom.

Nowadays, it is here developed the entertainment industry. Styles are modeled after celebrities who are in constant competition with each other to see who can be the most sexy.

There will be no invisible borders for splits and hem height really is impressive.
Expressions & # 39 will appear on the back and hips, and the front and back neckline will sink.

Colors will cover the entire spectrum and include wild patterns. Unique pink and green mini applicator as Sherri Hill # 1220 – is a good example. As another proposal, see Mount Sherry number 1217. This animal print, demi-season suit with a cherry-red sash and the bottom of tulle.

This is not a hard and fast rule. There is such a thing as a conservative teen West Coast, and vice versa. The danger lies in the fact that among them are less wandering, and they were amazing woman. If you and it's all right, do your thing!

The bottom line is, if you live in Delaware, first check prom dresses Delaware. You'll be more clever to find something that suits your style of the region. Once you have done this, choose whatever makes you happy!

Doing business in several states

During the registration process you may have heard terms such as "foreign corporation", "foreign corporation" or "qualification", depending on the type of structure that is formed. The term "foreign", however, does not apply to other countries, but rather refers to your country. This means that if your company is set up as a corporation or a limited liability company in one state but work in another state, the state of the work is considered a "foreign state".

This is an important feature of the business of conservation. To deal with this issue, let's deal with the concept of 'qualification as a foreign entity ", using the following scenario: Jane Doe created a limited liability company under the name XYZ LLC in Delaware, but business is conducted exclusively in Florida. In this case, XYZ with the & # 39 is a domestic company in Delaware and possibly a foreign company in the State of Florida.

Why feed a foreign individual?

There are several situations in which the business owner may be required to submit this type of filing, including:

  • Maintaining bricks or mortar
  • Employment of staff
  • Making a business that requires special licensing
  • Deciding to file a fictitious name, or "Doing Business as a" (DBA) to another state
  • real estate closing

There are also cases where the submission of an application as a foreign sub & # 39 object that may not be needed: these include:

  • telephone sales
  • Internet business that sells products to people in other states
  • National advertising campaigns
  • Sales through independent contractors


If you meet any of the criteria for applying for a foreign company, or you are told to register as a foreign company, there is a process to apply.

To qualify for your business, you'll pass a similar process to the registration or formation LLC. In most states, the document seems to be called certificate authorities or foreign registration. As with any government request, there is a tax on the supply, which can range from 25 to 750 dollars. In most states, there are additional documents that must accompany the certificate of authority or foreign registration. The documents consist of either a certificate of good standing and / or certified copy of the charter or certificate of incorporation state. Certificate of good status shows that your business has a good reputation and there are no outstanding payments.

The registered agent is required when applying as a foreign person. The majority of registered agents companies provide their services in any state, so you can keep the same service registered agent.

Once you provide all of your documents, certificate credentials, certified copy of, and / or certificate of equity and any other supporting documentation can be transferred to the State. Average processing time Var & # 39; iruetstsa from one to three weeks.

additional requirements

As well as other requirements for registration and registration in the company, in some states there are other claims of foreign corporations and LLC. Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nebraska and New York require that the business advertised or placed in local newspapers that your company currently provides services and conducts business in the state. Many states also require that foreign companies and the Company filed an annual report. In some states you will need to submit reports for two-year terms. Of course, it will supply board. To help businesses in this requirement, many states have online portals for the filing of annual reports.

So now that you understand better "qualification", be sure to perform due diligence. Refer to any state in which you plan to do business and study their laws. A good starting point for research will always be the Secretary of State's office.

Fishing on Largemuta pools with spider rough

Delaware and Maryland Ponds, lakes and rivers are putting increasing pressure year after year, not only on the weekend fishermen, but also for the fishing tournament. If you apply some new tactics to these spider cereals, you can be more productive in their wellness and tournament fishing.

Surprisingly, this deadly soft plastic bait than with & # 39 is one of the basic elements in each box of dreams, but in many other countries it has long been a favorite bait when going gets tough. Several companies make spider's chest, but I prefer the best of the "Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits". Pears come in various colors and sizes, from two to five inches in length. They are absolutely deadly on spring largemutse and shallow vustsiku. Most anglers like to use them on zhygavyh heads, and it is an extremely effective method, but I also like to rig them Texas style. Gutters resembles cancer, which pulls out, depending on how you catch it. It is most effective in clear water, but also creates the bass in stained and muddy water. A compact device as a jig and pig, so versatile as a worm can catch either vertically or horizontally, fast or slow. You can put it, flip, fly, jump or drag along the bottom. Here are some ways I like to fish in the waters of Delaware and Maryland, and elsewhere across the country, that really produce bass.

search tool

When searching for bass, you want to try to cover water quickly. Spider Spider – an excellent search tool, if you are looking for the bass, which eats crawfish around scattered weeds and stones on shallow flats, such as Suskahana or similar shallow areas. You can catch him faster than a jig, cover water quickly and cause a big reaction. Earth tone color is easy to combine with food and combine well with the environment. This is critical in clean water when the bass rely more on vision. Sometimes I like to catch fish quickly with idle traffic type. Device is always moving, but on the bottom or side.

If I find an open apartment with scattered grass, I spread it on a light jig saw, except when the cover is thick, I have it in a Texas style. I found that I drop more fish if the hook is exposed, and if he sometimes gets caught in the weeds, I'll tear off, sometimes causing a reaction. I like to use a 1/8 ounce jig or 1/4 ounce, depending on the water depth, wind, current, or how hard to stay on the bottom. I prefer to also catch them on spinning off the floor 1/2 to 7 feet with a soft tip action medium, in the graph. With six to eight pound test P-Line.

Sometimes you can go on a ten pound line, depending on the cover. Light line gives the bait more action and less likely to hang up in the weeds. I have successfully used them on the grass flats in the river and a descendant Suskahany apartments. Work in the right direction requires some practice. You want to send short bursts of bait on the bottom and near without making excessive shocks. Do not make it too tight, otherwise you will lose contact with the bottom. Keep your rod low to the water and to the side of the boat, the wind is not inclined to a line and messed action adaptation.

In constant contact with the bait, because many blows will feel muscular or heavy as on the grass, but in most cases, when I set the hook, this bass. If it's just a weed, it frees and sometimes causes a strike.

various methods

swimming rough

Sometimes I swim on bread as bait. After the tournament bass ignored jerk, so I switched to a spider he caught her breast and randomly over the weeds, periodically stopping him. This caused the blows that I had to win. Fifteen pounds of bass slam spider, not paying attention to other ryvchyki and cranks, who worked in the same area.

Roughly tug

Sometimes, when I fished on a long, sandy, gravel point, I use a jigsaw and just slowly pull it along the bottom. I work very slowly and in constant contact with the bottom. Also, I'm Caroline Ryg bait, and if I feel that he has hit the rocks or heavy cover, I start shaking the line, and it causes strokes, which occur in most of the time. It works very well in the lakes in the state of Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, but I use it with success across the country.

hanging fish

Often after a cold front moves, the bass will be suspended until a certain structure. When this happens, you can rig it Texas style, on a very light weight or no weight, and allow it to float down. If the conditions are tough, sometimes miracles, keeping the bait in front of the fish longer. I even tried successfully shot bait. They are more likely to hit the bait using the tool, which quickly moves them. If you are looking for a fish, and you will become difficult, it is a lure to try. I like to use a good spinning, for example, or St. G.Loomis Croix, and a good coil as Shimano or Daiwa. Sensitivity is very important, and this combination improves your chances to catch them on impact. This technique works well in clear lakes throughout the Midwest, as well as in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey. I caught a lot of nice bass using these methods on Table Rock Lake in Missouri. Whether it's spring, summer, autumn or winter, it is a lure for all seasons.

Windmills in the ocean

Underway sur & # 39; serious discussions and negotiations regarding the possibility of building wind turbines at the coast of the states of Delaware and Maryland. During warmer months, the resort area is thriving in the amount of about 500 000 people, and efforts in Ocean City, MD through conventions and festivals, have made it almost round the year.

With such a big crowd there is a need for large amounts of electricity, and the question of how to put it. Recent attempts to build windmills on top of mountains of Western Maryland failed, mainly because the huge structures will attract beautiful views.

Windmills, which are considered to ocean waters, will be nearly 25 stories. It is likely that they will be located at least 3 miles offshore, where federal waters start, but most likely, they will be closer to 12 miles from the coast in order to avoid their view. Redemption is the higher cost of an additional cable connection required to undergo further away from the sea, but it will have a minimal impact on the main reason why people are flocking to the region, and this, of course, sand, surf and sun.

The governors of Maryland and Delaware support this idea, as do the government representatives in Ocean City, provided that windmills do not fall within the field of view. However, one should take into account the environment, and how these structures can affect the oceanic wildlife. Practical knowledge exists about the potential impact because mills use wind turbines off the coast of England and Belgium for several years without causing significant impact on the environment.

With a free and rich wind, which should not affect the value of the property industry and, for many people this is a winning scenario. And who knows, maybe these giant fans can be unscrewed backwards to blast hurricanes from the shore, or increase the size of the waves to get great opportunities for surfing. . . or not.

Visiting New Jersey in the next journey

New Jersey has to offer so many – from the picturesque rivers, mountain peaks, shimmering ponds and marshes, maritime forests to sandy beaches and amazing nature. "Garden State" never hinders the provision of unforgettable vacations for ecotourists and someone else.

In the north-western part of the State of New Jersey, Delaware National Recreation Area contains a 40-mile stretch of wild and scenic Delaware River on the border between the state of Pennsylvania. Reserve between Sussex County, New Jersey, and a canopy Pike, Pennsylvania, reserve occupies almost 70 hectares of coastline Delaware River, making it one of the largest recreation areas in the eastern United States. The park's name is derived from a point on its southern end, where the river two miles of the Appalachian Cancer carved top, or gorge, leaving the high cliffs at an altitude of 1200 feet on the edges of the path. In addition to viewing incredible scenery and experience the unique geology of the region, visitors can swim, fish or paddle a canoe. Onshore activities include car tours, horseback riding, biking and hiking. While footpaths repeated peaks and the famous gap-road park road park are made to order for cycling and skiing.

Near Allamuchy State Park (which, incidentally, is composed mainly of quartz granite), offers a variety of levels and rocks for an amazing travel experience.

Lebanon city in the central region of New Jersey & # 39 is a holiday destination Round Valley. Cold blue Round Valley Reservoir covers 4,000 acres and has a depth of over 180 feet, which adds greater overall capacity of 55 billion gallons of water. These dimensions include the Round Valley to the largest lake in New Jersey, which means plenty of room for swimmers, divers, and katalnikav kanoedystav. Better still, to this reservoir trout accumulate, so the fish is ready to fish for those who want to immerse in the water water. Fortunately, the ground prospects are also good for travelers, riders, mountain bikers and waterfowl hunters. And never a lull in the action; advance the winter out & # 39; I involves the sled and ski to the frosty snowy landscape in Round Valley.

National wildlife refuges "Big Marsh" is rowing Besking in northern New Jersey, just 26 miles west of Times Square. Is it possible to preserve the wilderness in such close proximity to the Big Apple? Absolutely. Reserve "Great Marsh" was established over 40 years ago, when a group of conscientious citizens of the & # 39; to unite their forces in order to prevent him from becoming the next flight on the urban scene. A few years later the swamp received two significant names: "registered national interest 'and' zone of wildlife", the first such designation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the United States. This shelter on 7400 hectares have marshy forests, swamps full of cat-tails and lazy streams. There are ponds, fringed with grass and trees of solid beech, oak and mountain laurel. In the midst of an attractive bounty of local flowers, blooms on the Big swamp wildlife. The sky is decorated with blue birds and wild ducks, and on the lower level are such interesting creatures as endangered bog turtles and salamanders moving with blue spots.

On the central Atlantic coast "Garden State & # 39; s" in Seaside Park is a state park Island Island. This sandy sanctuary occupies a 3000-acre 10-mile miliar & # 39; erny island, which is bordered on the east by the beautiful Atlantic Ocean and in the west of the calm waters of Barnegat Bay. Atlantic Beach side of the island is characterized by a space dazzling white sand and coastal dunes with ocean forest full of trees, the wind changes in salinity. This is an ideal playground for swimmers, anglers and surfers. On the part of the island Barnegat Bay on the island – it is a separate world of dynamic tidal salons and freshwater wetlands. There are nature trails for hiking, riding and cycling. Rangers present on tours by canoe or kayak in the Barnegat Bay during the summer. Birdwatching in the bay is better than from a perch in a special observation blinds Park. And, as you might expect, on the unspoiled island bar & # 39; barriers, this reserve of flora and fauna is noticeable, as well as Island Beach boasts the largest collection of Vinogradov in New Jersey and the largest expanse of staff on the beach heather.

Just inland is impressive Pinelands National Park, the largest wilderness east of the Mississippi River, which has more than 1 million hectares (note, this is approximately 22% of the total land area!), Untouched forests. Paynland devices include unbroken forests of pine, oak and cedar – and unique pine forests "dwarf"; unusual planting dwarf but mature trees at least 11 feet tall. Water lovers will delight many streams, ideal for canoeing, and anglers can enjoy fishing opportunities inland waters of the Atlantic Ocean and bays. Hunting, horseback riding and photography – a popular pastime in Paynland. In addition, the area also features over 850 plant species and more than 350 species of birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians. One interesting accessory to this area: Paynland Kohansi is on top of the aquifer, a vast reservoir, which is estimated to contain more than 17 trillion (yes, trillion) gallons of some of the cleanest water in the country. And here's a tip: New Jersey is no better place to witness the glorious colors of autumn than Pineland, that offers several short, autumn leaves.

You are looking for a brief respite complete with a soft ocean breeze and beautiful scenery? Then continue heading south to the South Coast of the region and take a choice from a variety of quaint towns. There is the city City with its road 2.5 miles; Cape May, the whole town is on the National Historic Landmark; plus views of the ocean and sea island.

US mid-Atlantic seafood

US Syarednyaatlantychny region offers some of the most high-quality seafood in the world. From New York to North Carolina fishermen catch a wide range of shellfish, fish and other wild seafood. Except for wild seafood in the Mid-Atlantic countries live seafood such as clams, oysters, mussels and fish.

Depending on the port, the Mid-Atlantic countries could offer shellfish, including lobster, shrimp, red crabs, blue crabs, hard clams, clams baguette ocean, surfing, oysters, mussels, etc.. the region's fish include cod, haddock, pollock, hake, protein atlantichnuyu mackerel, winter flounder, summer flounder, zhavtuhavuyu flounder, sea marine fish, skin, black bass, striped bass, white bass, fishing, drum fish, spotted, hops, mullet , shad, red collar, grouper, tuna, wahoo, mahi-mahi, sharks and others.

New York and New Jersey are known for several kinds of seafood. Cutters of the northern states are within a number of cool water fish that are also associated with fishing New England, such as cod, haddock, pollack, skins and sea fish. States also known shellfish, including scallops, clams, and surf for lupus in the open ocean, hard clams and oysters from coastal estuaries.

In the center of the region is the Delaware and Maryland, the two states bordering the Great Bay. In Delaware there are the coastal promenade and property along the Delaware Bay. In this small country has landing blue crabs, clams, oysters and fish. In Maryland, there are embankments with access to the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Chesapik and coastal bays. While access to the Atlantic Maryland limited port Ocean City, landing his importance to the state. the highest quality seafood passes through the port, including scallops, clams, crab, lobster, tuna, wahoo, mahi-mahi, swordfish, shark, flounder, sea bass, sea sea, fisherman, spotted, striped bass and other species.

The southern states of the region – Virginia and North Carolina. In Virginia seafood dominates several important fisheries. With Chesapik Bay and its tributaries commercial fishermen collect blue crabs, oysters, striped bass, Krakow, white perch, catfish and other species. With Atlantic scallops to date with the & # 39 are the most valuable catch for the Commonwealth. Landing scallops transform Hampton Roads Virginia among the most popular ports in the country in terms of income. Except for wild seafood, Virginia is known for its acts of aquaculture clams and oysters that produce crops year-round super shellfish. North Carolina is also engaged in important fisheries, including coastal harvests of blue crabs, oysters, clams, shrimp, summer flounder, spotted, farmer and other marine fish. In addition to sea fishing boats in North Carolina to catch marine waters for scallops, mahi-mahi, tuna, wahoo, mackerel, perch, coarse, amber and other species.

Statistics foreclosures in Maryland

Throughout the country, the improvement of the level of foreclosure occurs. Of course, it depends on the government guidelines. In fact, most people are surprised to learn, in what state the highest rate of loss of foreclosures. Currently Maryland has the highest foreclosure rate in the whole country, there will be an average assumption.

Most people associate the size of the highest foreclosure states such as Florida and Nevada, and maybe New Jersey. All three are in the top five, along with the Delaware, Maryland but surpasses them all in the wrong direction.

All statistics have been conducted since RealtyTrac and reflect the latest available data for April 2016. According to these data, the rate Maryland one out of every 535 houses stored in redemption. In general, in the country, this figure in every 1,212 houses, so Maryland rate more than twice the national rate – 1.19% against, 08%.

As already mentioned, for the MD is Delaware, one in 579 homes in New Jersey, in every 662 homes in Nevada, in every 702 homes, and in Florida, in every 727 homes.

In Merylede, of course, there is a large discrepancy in foreclosure rates for different cities and counties. Five of the highest county rates within the state – Baltimore City, with every 287 homes, Prince George's County, every 357 homes, district Charles, every 395 homes, Washington County, with every 457 homes, and the District of Calvert , one out of every 459 homes.

Meanwhile, Montgomery County has only every 1,359 homes are excluded. It is not only that less than half of Maryland rates in general, but also better than the national rate. And yet, going into the city statistics, there are some town in Montgomery County, which have a much worse rate of foreclosures, such as Barnesvil, every 89 home foreclosure or Garraty Park every 324 house. The same level of imbalance to be seen also in other districts.

For home owners who are faced with the redemption, there are many different potential ways of action. You can file bankruptcy before the buy-back auction completion. In this case, it may be possible to stop foreclosure and even save at home. Be sure to consult with an experienced lawyer on bankruptcy and foreclosure property in your area, who can instruct you on what is possible and provide you with the necessary assistance.

Mostly taxation and low maintenance, why retirees are attracted to the harvesting of wild meadows in Delaware

Not far from the center of Dover, Delaware, is a community with wild meadows which rose 55, a small content of manufactured home construction, which refers to seniors who are looking for some tax breaks, and those who are looking for someone else to mow the lawn. Cozy and well-kept, in this neighborhood, there are more than 200 single houses, and, as it happens in many modern home communities, produced today, it is difficult to say that this is not a house built for the construction of the house.

Buyers can choose from six floor plans, all built on one level. Each house has a garage, Attached one car, as a rule, from the street, gas heat, central air conditioning system and underground sprinkler rain. Square footage is from 1 280 square feet (three bedrooms, two baths) to 1,706 square feet (three bedrooms and two baths). Oak cabinets, gourmet cuisine and snacks for breakfast – it's standard features. The current price for resale starting from a low to mid-US $ 100 000 and up to 200 000 dollars, but the owners lease the land under their homes, so the rental fee is 376 dollars a month. This saves on the bill with taxes, because taxes are levied only at home, not the land. Call (302) 736-5000 for more information.

This payment for land rent also covers the content of the lawn, road maintenance, snow removal and access to club Wild Meadows Club, which features a gym, an outdoor swimming pool, a kitchen, a great room with a large TV screen, the arts and crafts room. , Spa with hot tub and library. Directed activities working on staff who is helping to coordinate all kinds of clubs, including book clubs, card games and boilers, not to mention trips to the night in the next Philadelphia, New York and Annapolis, and more. Water, gas, electricity and garbage disposal – it is the responsibility of each property owner, though, and according to the company, these accounts are on average about $ 175 per month. But Delaware – is taxation for pensioners, because it has no sales tax, and social security benefits are not taxed, which helps compensate for these utility bills.

Dover (population 36,000) – the capital of the State of Delaware and is clean, growing city that begins with 1683. Its historic center, Green, with & # 39 is a bustling place with & # 39 is the home of the Delaware Supreme Court and some of the lower courts. By car, the beaches are about an hour. The crime rate is above the national average. Population Duvera 20% – this is the age from 45 to 64, 13% – age 65 and older.

The climate is temperate, humid, the average daily temperature of about 54 ° F, in the range of 31 ° F in January to 76 ° F in July. The average annual rainfall is about 42 inches, 21 cm of which – snow. The sun shines for about 55% of the time.

Siser Rodney, a true American hero

The Declaration of Independence – it's probably one of the most valuable possessions of our nation. Last Sunday I learned in Dr. Ken Hamilton Sunday school, how close was adopted by the Continental Congress of the "Declaration." You see, when our grandfathers gathered in Independence Hall, to convey a historical document in Philadelphia, did not have the vote, which I "thought" I always thought it would declare our independence from the tour of the power from the power of the king. England. As we all know, our nation was born thirteen states. At the meeting, each received a single vote to decide whether to declare our independence from England or not. At the meeting attended by delegates of twelve, and one state are not yet available, Delaware.

It is here that comes Sizer Rodney. Rodney lived near Duvera, Delaware. His father died when he was only seventeen, and he was put in the care of Nicholas Ryzhli, who was a clerk in the World Kent. It is believed that this is where Rodney became interested in politics to policy. In 1755, the royal government has been charged Rodney High Sheriff of Kent County, Delaware. He was supposed to represent Delaware at the meeting of the Continental Congress in 1776.

Rodney was a man of such high-spirited, always had some issue with their health. He had some type of malignant growth on the side of the face. The doctors said that he would have to sail back to England to treat malignant disease, or he will die. When it came to the meeting of the Continental Congress, around Rodney again I was sick in bed. However, he knew that he had to hold this historic meeting in Philadelphia. In fact, here I found out what kind of national hero was Rodney for our nation.

Despite the fact that he was ill and so many people thought that he could not get to the meeting, Rodney forced himself out of bed and put on his rags. He rode a horse all the way to Philadelphia in the mess, getting in a minute. At a meeting of the state began to debate and vote as to whether they are going to the US to declare independence from England or not. Six people who attended the state, voted in favor of the proclamation of our independence, and six – for independence. It was a virtual tie, deadlock, deadlock. The birth of this great nation stopped, large double doors opened and a small man with a big heart stumbled into the room. He was immediately asked: "Mr Rodney, as the voice of Delaware?" His answer was: "The State of Delaware is voting so". He broke the tie and began to turn the wheel of a great nation. Then he quickly fell to the floor of Independence Hall. You see, Rodney knew what was best for the people he represented in Delaware, and that was the best in the country. The right to freedom and independence of our country – that's what he thought was best for all of us. He knew that his voice will give people the opportunity to build a nation where there are honest, and all had the opportunity to succeed and be the best for her people. You know, when Rodney voted "yes"; he knew that he would never be a trip to England to treat a malignancy on her face. Once again we have an example of how one of our ancestors sacrificed their own needs for the sake of this great nation.