Medical dispensary – state and federal laws

Map of US medical marijuana In the US, there are currently 16 legal medical marijuana states and the District of Columbia, which currently have laws that legalize marijuana for medical purposes. States: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington. […]

5 tips for home repair

Home repairs can be stressful at times contradictory proposals, the overwhelming number of choices and increased costs. However, with careful planning, it becomes a good impression to observe how your house slowly takes on a new look. Here are a few tips that will make repairs to your home less of a hassle and more […]

Philadelphia at a glance

Many popular Philadelphia attractions can be found in the Old Town, within the limits of what is called "the most historic square mile in America." These include Independence Hall and Liberty Bell sign. Wonderful museums, including the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and the Philadelphia Museum of Art, located in the city center, while the […]

Microbe Bill Clem

The Microbe Bill Klem on & # 39; combines science, history and adrenalinovy ​​plot to create a terrifying sci-fi thriller that is too believable. Government cover-up attempt, greed and alien virus make this beautiful beautiful. Continental Oil with & # 39 is the first company, which destroyed a new area off the coast of Delaware. […]

Strange out & # 39; e!

My wife and I recently enjoyed a rare and spectacular meteor shower of our little country house in Central Texas. With almost a full month, which rises in the east, shooting star, which run from north to south, the temperature hovers around 50, and coyotes play in the distance, it was a great night to […]

Scientific management of the police

law enforcement agencies Administration (LEAA) represents the contribution of the federal government in the "war against crime". Established as a division of the Federal Department of Justice, the organization sent funds to various state and local law enforcement agencies, focused on education, research and planning initiatives. Act of law on the omnibus crime control 1968 […]

Book Review thriller – and forced to continue reading "to the end" – Jonathan Kellerman does it again

Each sura & # 39; serious reader of fiction or mystical love a good story trylernuyu. Unfortunately, hard to find that peredohnet and leaves you on every page of the book. Fortunately, I found it recently and would recommend it: "Coercion" Jonathan Kellerman; (Alex Delaware Novel), Ballantine Books, New York, NY. 2008 ISBM 978-0-345-46528-3 After […]

Home schooling for educator

At that time, home schooling is rapidly becoming a common activity for survival. He represents an excellent alternative to the public school system and provides individual training for spectacular children. It's also a great way to encourage the relationship between the child and his father. One of the biggest advantages of home schooling is the […]

Hiring the best insulation company

The house can be made more comfortable by using proper insulation. Even the old house can be made more energy efficient by increasing the amount of insulation. Comfortable interior climate can be obtained in a well-insulated house. You can do research for finding the best company for insulation foam in Delaware or New Jersey. To […]