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Como es de esperar, EE. UU. Y Europe tienen la mayor densidad de empresas que aceptan pagos con criptomonedas. Nueva York, London, Ammsterdam, Los Angeles, Seattle, Austin and Miami are all criticized for minor adoptions.

Como era de esperar, Suiza, su su postura progressio hacia la blockchain tecnologia, también muestra números altos. Deluxe modismo, Puerto Rico, has the denomination “Isla Blockchain”, available in different sizes and territories.

El crecimiento en Asia is impulsado en gran medida por personas como hong kong, singapore, bangkok and principals ciudades de la India. Australia has Melbourne, which is home to Melbourne where counterpoints are interesting.

Moreover, it is the compensation that can be obtained, which includes criptomonedas, which are intended to be used in the form of activated digitalis. NewsBTC has information on proposals covering commercial centers in Nigeria and Nigeria. This is interesting information, please tell Bitcoin. These include corruption, high inflation and a bancarios service. Aunque no es necesariamente sorprendente, es alentador ver el crecimiento de la receptación en los estados africanos.

In América del Sur, the metropolis is the only metropolitan area in the city with a very creative mayor, especially in Brasil. Fuera de eso, hay rastros de adopción en países com Argentina, Perry and Chile.

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