The mystery of Stsyukshela


When Professor Alex Brown from the University of Delaware teaches Internet application technology in marketing class about the wonders of the Internet, it is, of course, uses very modern methods of teaching.

for example, stiuqxela . This is correct, but not a typo. Stiuqxela – one of his own creations Professor Brown. Spelling "Alex goes" back, this term has no real value. This is often an indication of the official website of Green Bay Packers, but again, no reason. In fact, the whole reason for the election of "stiuqxela" class was that she did not make any sense, and not with the & # 39; was online 6 months ago. However, now it is possible to see hundreds and hundreds of different pages.

So what's the point in everything? Professor Brown, using this term, is trying to teach a class a little about SEO – search engine optimization. After each student optimizes blogs in the classroom under the term, Professor see who can reach the top of Google in the end of the semester.

Students not only gain nahvalnyya right, shooting down all the others in two class sections, but also win the prize unopened. (Last year, the prize was a copy of the book "The World is Flat", associated with some of the concepts that apply in the classroom).

So, who will win this year? You will need to wait and see. However, you can check the current rating by typing "stiuqxela" at Google. (For interesting alternative to try entering the term in MSN or Yahoo. By doing this, you can see how Google, MSN and Yahoo are different search algorithms).