Great Southern grapes Maskadina


Maskadina grapes come from the southern states, but it can be found from the Delaware to the Gulf of Mexico. It is very suitable for this hot humid climate of the southeastern states. There is growing well. There are much better suited for the culture than other types, because there are not usually concerned about the disease and the weather & # 39; e. Fruits are used for wine, unfermented juice and jellies and jams.

There are many varieties, maskadiny – all family rotondifolii, and in North Carolina there are varieties that concern 1760. berries Var & # 39; iruyutstsa from green to black, the majority have lilavy – black. most soft sweet and of good quality. Quite a lot of varieties


It is the oldest and most widely planted variety Berries Var & # 39; iruyutstsa from green to reddish in color. They are soft and sweet and richly flavored. and of good quality. The clusters are a lot of berries. This variety is perfect for wine.


This is a very fruitful vine. I believe that this is the best in all their diversity. Grapes and dark wine color, the grapes are very sweet and fragrant aroma is the best variety for nefermentavanaga grape juice and canned goods. This is actually one of the favorites of our family & # 39; and.


These berries are dark purple – black, they are very large. they are very fleshy grapes of average quality. The grapes of this grape is very fruitful. It can be used for the production of medium-grade wine. I personally think that if you keep this sort of wine, it matures pretty good.


Grapes are almost black. The vines are considered to be very fruitful. I can tell you that does not assess grape Mish, it is considered a good grape vines, but this is one of my favorites. You really can not fully appreciate the different varieties, if you really have not experienced and have tried different varieties

USDA provided more than 15 varieties of its work on wild grapes. some of them include Burg, Duplin County, Pender, Tarhel Wallace, Vilard, Hunt, Black, South, light bronze, Creek and many, many others.