Teach your children to invest review books – the Investment Management in the stock market


Author: Tamra Orr (2009)

Posted by Mitchell Lane Publishers, PO Box 196 Hockessin, Delaware 19707

ISBN 978-1-58415-642-0

Price of the book: US $ 11.00

Author of more than 100 books for children

Tamra Orr with & # 39; is the author of over 100 books for children of all ages, as well as several books and articles about money management and the stock market. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her children and husband and spend as much time as reading. Be a writer – this is the best job she could imagine.

investment world

In 6 short chapters, readers will find a brief idea about the investment world. Tamra Orr argues that the investments have a partial ownership (1 cm.); become a shareholder (see 2). code cracking (see 3). world stock exchanges (4 cm.); survived the crash (see 5). and never too early to start investing money (see para. 6). Start learning today.

Inspiring young minds to invest

Tamra Orr draws young readers with relevant themes and youthful expressions to capture their interest. She starts a conversation between two young students in the school, sharing, "Tim grunted … I have a part of McDonald's." "You do not!" Sasha said. "… My grandmother bought me a few stocks in the McDonald's birthday …"

By defining simple words, Tamara tells young readers, void sumnyashesya. This will work for adults. When she explains what action, she said: "This is a business that can buy other people."

Orr is divided into simple, practical tips that anyone can follow to help readers apply its principles. It focuses on the stock market investment, offering '. If you do not have the cash right now, you can still learn about the market Think about what you do money, and then monitor the market to see what would happen. ".

Tamra has a greater ability to concentrate on the aspects which attract the attention of young people. In one case, it has achieved the opportunity to vote on the company's showing: "Possession of even a small part of the company can be exciting enough Many companies own one share to buy you the right to voice your voice … In the end this may affect the way. McDonald adds another chicken sandwich or a new flavor of cake! "It promises to children's empowerment.

Children and adults will be trained and encouraged to start investing. Orr krapkue: "It's never too early."

Take advantage of personal investment

Tamra Orr educated, inspires and enables young and old to take advantage of personal investment!

Success Step: Find your favorite company on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange), and then follow the stock.