Landscapes – Problem Solving


While landscaping is mainly set to change the way the appearance of the house, a well-designed garden can change and the functioning of the house. Including factors such as the environment, and taking into account the practicality of design in the planning of the landscape, you can increase both aesthetic and monetary value of the house.

A little-known fact that the installation of "smart landscape design" can not only increase the value of a home, but in fact may even reduce energy costs. Evergreen trees planted on the north and north-west sides of the house, will block strong wind, while allowing winter sun. Healthy green grass grown around one of the windows, the wind can cool from the hot coating on the same. ten degrees. These changes may reduce heating bills and cooling down to 20%.

Landscaping also provides many environmental benefits. A 50 & # 39; x 50 & # 39; The area of ​​lawn absorbs carbon dioxide and hydrogen fluoride, while stressing enough oxygen to meet the needs of the family & # 39; and four people. In fact the garden – a living air filter.

Finally, a great landscape reduces stress and provides a desirable oasis from our busy lives. Researchers from the University of Delaware found that patients who vyzdaravlivalisya the operation, whose windows faced the landscaped gardens, carried out in the hospital less time than those facing a brick wall.

In general, the benefits of installing an accomplishment many, and most of the costs are compensated by increasing the value of the home, energy efficiency and health. Visit us at