Microbe Bill Clem

The Microbe Bill Klem on & # 39; combines science, history and adrenalinovy ​​plot to create a terrifying sci-fi thriller that is too believable. Government cover-up attempt, greed and alien virus make this beautiful beautiful.

Continental Oil with & # 39 is the first company, which destroyed a new area off the coast of Delaware. They hit something and they believe that it is submerged ship, but men are bad and only a few hours later, they were all dead. Charlie Parsai fishing off the coast of Lyuesa, and one of the men on their party boat pulls deformed fish, covered in green fuzz fosfarestsentnym. Five miles another boat pulls into the network dead fish, numbering thousands.

Across the country, in Scottsdale, Arizona, Justin Flanigan, a private practitioner sits in his office at the local hospital. He is preparing for the morning rounds, when his knock on the door. His visitor – John Singleton, a former colleague, with whom he worked in the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta. He has a strange question to Justin – you believe in UFOs and government collusion? Intrigued, Justin agrees to join the investigation of the state of Delaware. No one can identify the disease, and the old man comes to Justin with an incredible history. Back in the forties, a retired colonel Billy Riordan, the US armed forces, was the commander of the 33rd Division of pathological studies. He says he knows something about a mysterious virus that every minute is becoming more deadly. Can Justin believe in it, or is it just binge cranky old man?

Andromeda Strain – one of my favorite times, so I'm looking forward to reading the book with such a prerequisite. I was not disappointed. Microbe each as exciting, except for scientific overload that usually scatters history. The book is heavy on the story as opposed to the specifications – and the plot is tight and moves quickly. Terminals using short sections of the action, to avoid turning pages – and turns made. I finished the book in record time.

I look forward to the continuation of the pathogens, which will be released in early December. This time we will see more of Justin Flanigan, who will face the even more deadly threat.

Publisher: Vision Books (August 15, 2007)

ISBN: 978-0979580819

Paperback: 232 pages

Price: 12,95 Dollar