Strange out & # 39; e!

My wife and I recently enjoyed a rare and spectacular meteor shower of our little country house in Central Texas. With almost a full month, which rises in the east, shooting star, which run from north to south, the temperature hovers around 50, and coyotes play in the distance, it was a great night to see one of the most enjoyable fireworks nature. It reflects. It's hard to watch this show and degrading nature.

If we talk about the nature of …

Monday was another. It was freezing, literally – 32 degrees and falling. Damn cold. The sharp and sudden change out & # 39; I was a little strange, but not too terrible. You know the proverb: "If you do not like the weather & # 39; e in Texas, wait a minute …" But this weather & # 39; e It was differently – it had a cold bite of that rarity Texas, and wherever I went on Monday, people will comment: "Strange Weather & # 39; e, right?" I would have just said the obvious: "Yes, it's a little strange."

Surprisingly accurate.

Later in the day I jumped on a plane and went to Baltimore on a business trip. When I came out of the airport in Baltimore to go to Delaware, I was struck by the warm temperature. In Baltimore, it is assumed that it will be cold (as in Texas heat) in December, but here it was 70 degrees and humid. When I got into my car city an hour's drive north, I said my driver, who & # 39 is a professional golfer and friends that was surprisingly warm in Baltimore.

"Yes," he replied. "Weather & # 39; e has recently been very strange Just last week, we went from 20 degrees one day to 70 degrees in the following All of the parks went on for 24 hours of golf is amazing…."

Surprisingly accurate.

After a terribly uncomfortable night in my hotel in Vilmingtane (they cut off all kinds of AC in hotels in winter, because, you see, the winter in Delaware should be cold), I woke up in rainy, humid day. My client picked me up at the hotel, and the first thing he told me when I jumped into his car to drive to the office … "A strange man, weather & # 39;. F you bring an umbrella?" I laughed and told him that "the country out & # 39; e" became the mantra of the week and told him his story.

Later that day, when I held a meeting with a group of civil servants, I noticed that their attention is not up to me. Everyone was looking past me through the windows. I stopped talking and looked up slowly into the street, and to my surprise saw it was snowing! Huge, beautiful white snowflakes are flying to the ground! And just yesterday I was embarrassed because of the humidity and the heat. This morning was not even cold … Now it's snowing?

Strange out & # 39; e!

What is going on here !?

In a recently released book Hot, flat and crowded Thomas Freydman characterizes my two day experience as a "global strange" and explains these seemingly wild fluctuations of global warming and related changes that cause the warming climate. His argument is convincing and confirmed by daily experience. Not only my experience … your. Ask yourself how many times have you or someone around you recently commented that the weather & # 39; e acting strange? While we are fighting with this explanation, we all intuitively know that something nepagadliva with the weather & # 39; … it seems it works, well, strange.

And it is a fact. Or maybe inconvenient truth … Weather & # 39; e is It is changing. Or more precisely – global climate change, which affects the weather & # 39; e strange ways. As Friedman notes in his book, "that the climate is changing over time, it's settled science. What the climate is changing unusually on a background of long-term environmental changes that are accepted by nearly all." Something is different. Regardless of whether you believe that a man with a & # 39 is the causative agent of climate change, or that it is a natural fluctuation in global temperatures, the fact is that the world has warmed and carbon dioxide levels rise, which leads to feedback destructive C02- Loop climate.

The combination of the two – a surprising outward & # 39; e. And it is predicted that will be a lot, lot It deteriorates over time.

What will be the consequence of this bizarre trend for the society? It is worth to plan more events on the scale of Katrina and Haiti, as the world outside & # 39; e continues to become more and more unpredictable and unsettled world? And if so, what it allows you to make a personal responsibility?

Strange out & # 39; is, indeed. Question: We have prepared for this?

Stay safe. Be aware. Be prepared.

Kevin Baum