Book Review thriller – and forced to continue reading "to the end" – Jonathan Kellerman does it again

Each sura & # 39; serious reader of fiction or mystical love a good story trylernuyu. Unfortunately, hard to find that peredohnet and leaves you on every page of the book. Fortunately, I found it recently and would recommend it:

"Coercion" Jonathan Kellerman; (Alex Delaware Novel), Ballantine Books, New York, NY. 2008 ISBM 978-0-345-46528-3

After you read it, you will understand why a clinical psychologist is able to bind the characters as he does, and for good reason Kellerman – one of the greatest science fiction writers "thriller" of all time. Perhaps one of his most famous books were bones, but if you ask me, I think it's one of the best.

Several murders seem unrelated, but very curious circumstances, which causes intense mind LAPD detective murder that will not leave well enough alone. The thrill of the chase, collecting clues and getting into the mind of the killer takes the reader through a lot of tension, suspense and makes you turn the pages until you are finished.

Wait until you find out what's going on, I would like to tell you right now, because it's a cool story, but the beginning, the middle end of blurred together in the fog, which appears in the face of terror. May God it's a great book. I think that this time Jonathan Kellerman finished ourselves really, or I should say; again! I would recommend this book to all who cope with a list of the thriller novel.