The best lesson that can be found on the Super Bowl XLVII

The day after the Super Bowl, it seems, considering all the commercials and decide which one was the best. Sports channels are reviewing every detail of the game and the players who made big plays. The news focuses on a strange blackout Superdome. Nevertheless, the best lesson that can be learned from the Super Bowl – is the story of the history of the Baltimore Ravens & # 39; Kvartabek Joe Flacco.

Much attention will be made on the implementation of Joe Flacco in the Super Bowl, but let's look at Joe's story for this lesson. Leaving high school, Joe was conscripts of three stars and was awarded the 39th best average high school quarterback in the country. On the & # 39; conscripts being three stars, it is shabby, but the children do not get the attention of new recruits from the four and five stars. Last year, the Super Bowl who spent viewing each participant player and came up with a couple of players who have been out of high school draftees four- or five-star. The other players were rookies, double, triple, or even without the stars. The bottom line is this: Many people will spend a lot of time, according to you, and they are often wrong. Joe did not hear people condemn him as a recruit of the three stars. He insisted and used one opinion that mattered in the end: his own.

Joe Flacco was offered and accepted a scholarship for football in Pete. In his freshman he was warped and did not play. The following year, he saw limited playing time, and he was hit by another defender Tyler regiment. Regiments ended well, but not a very good car & # 39; eray College, Drink, and now he & # 39 is the backup quarterback in the NFL. Joe Flack was again rated as defective, but as disappointing as it was supposed to be, he insisted again.

Joe Flacco decided to go to Delaware to play football. Delaware – it's not exactly a hot bed of football. Delaware is located in a series of sub-championships in college football, and it means that they are not from the & # 39 is a great program for the big-time conference. Joe Flacco was again put to the lower level. However, he insisted again. Joe set many records in Delaware and had an excellent football car & # 39; career. At the NFL Combine for the 2008 project of the year in which the main players of the college were numerous physical and mental training and tests, Joe had impressive results. In the first round of Baltimore Raven prepared Joe Flac. Joe became the 18th player and became the second quarterback in the draft. His star has risen, but are still considered second best, but again insisted.

In his first year with the Ravens, Joe became the third depth chart for the other two defenders. It is not accidental starting quarterback suffered an injury, and backup quarterback ill. This possibility is raised it to the starting position. Joe Flacco insisted again.

In six seasons, Joe set a record with & # 39 is the only quarterback who led his team to the playoffs in each of the six seasons. However, there was always a contingent of fans and the media, who claimed that Joe is not good. They said that Baltimore will not win the Super Bowl with Joe Flacco.

Joe Flacco won the Super Bowl and MVP Super Bowl XLVII. About Joe journey it is constantly judged and is usually announced not quite good. The bottom line is that all these so-called experts were wrong – only one expert was qualified to make a final decision: Joe Flacco. He insisted and refused to give up.

Next time, when you judge or slightly lowered themselves, remember Joe Flacco. A story that is behind Joe Flac history – certainly the best history lesson and Super Bowl XVII.

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