Creating Ltd. Steps to ensure proper limited liability company

The most important step is to form a LLC – is to make sure that you do this as soon realize that you need a limited liability company. You do not have and can not get the protection that this provides a legal person until the formation process is completed and executed properly.

Select a state of formation

The initial question – decide where you are going to create an LLC for your business. For most small businesses it is in a position where you will manage your business. Do not fall into the trap formation in Delaware or Nevada and you think that you will not need to register in your state. If you conduct any regular business activities in your state, you will have to register their legal business in any way. Save a double fee for the supply and maintenance and additional registered agent fees. Now, when you enter into a complex business structure with many investors in different states and countries, while Delaware might make sense. In such situations, you should consult your business attorney.

Choose a name for your company

Each state has a name for the rule. In each state, you can not call the new company with a name that already has another limited liability company registered in the state. In fact, in most states, the name can not be similar to other names. In recent years, most states also prevents the use of legal entity registered so that it covered the Corporation, registered partnership society, and sometimes trusts. Some states have additional naming rules. For example, you can not use words that imply affiliation with the government, and some will discourage the use of certain words. A good service provider company ensures that your name will be available for shipment.

Assign registered agent Ltd.

In each state, the core business company established in that State is not obliged to bear the address of the business in the state. However, your legal entity must have a valid and continuously registered agent, registered office address. What is the difference? Registered agent performs no operational role, but only an administrative role for the purpose of state regulation. If a third party wants or needs for legal papers or important messages to registered businesses in the country, Ltd. should be officially designated person or legal entity in the State to adopt such securities.

This is necessary because, as a limited liability company – a fictitious identity. He has no physical substance. But as an independent person according to the law, the state needs a specific and well-known place to communicate with the business. Each state has its own requirements for what can be called a real registered agent. Check out the specific regulations, or contact your service provider to form a company.

Define mandatory disclosure requirements

Each state can be very different if we are talking about the kind of information you need to disclose and provide in the supply of company formation. Delaware is famous because it requires so little in terms of information. It's great for particular purposes. Other states, such as Texas, require additional information or even require that the names of the members and address were listed. The main thing here, to include all statutory information, otherwise your submission will be rejected or placed on content that creates a nightmare, or long delays to return your registration LLC.


Filing fees may vary from year to year. Improper payment amount or check the spelling wrong organization – the two most common reasons for refusing registration of the LLC. Take some time to get the latest information about what is needed.


Since the registration procedures and the company is so important to quickly establish your business and ensure adequate protection of personal responsibility, you should consider maintaining the services of companies that specialize in services of formation of legal entities. Business lawyers, of course, possible, but often charge for this process is quite high. Another option – to your accountant, but many accountants will take the service to send and outsourcing company formation documents. With the internet now the owners of new businesses can apply directly to the source and to acquire expertise on the formation Ltd. directly into a reputable and experienced companies.