Visiting New Jersey in the next journey

New Jersey has to offer so many – from the picturesque rivers, mountain peaks, shimmering ponds and marshes, maritime forests to sandy beaches and amazing nature. "Garden State" never hinders the provision of unforgettable vacations for ecotourists and someone else.

In the north-western part of the State of New Jersey, Delaware National Recreation Area contains a 40-mile stretch of wild and scenic Delaware River on the border between the state of Pennsylvania. Reserve between Sussex County, New Jersey, and a canopy Pike, Pennsylvania, reserve occupies almost 70 hectares of coastline Delaware River, making it one of the largest recreation areas in the eastern United States. The park's name is derived from a point on its southern end, where the river two miles of the Appalachian Cancer carved top, or gorge, leaving the high cliffs at an altitude of 1200 feet on the edges of the path. In addition to viewing incredible scenery and experience the unique geology of the region, visitors can swim, fish or paddle a canoe. Onshore activities include car tours, horseback riding, biking and hiking. While footpaths repeated peaks and the famous gap-road park road park are made to order for cycling and skiing.

Near Allamuchy State Park (which, incidentally, is composed mainly of quartz granite), offers a variety of levels and rocks for an amazing travel experience.

Lebanon city in the central region of New Jersey & # 39 is a holiday destination Round Valley. Cold blue Round Valley Reservoir covers 4,000 acres and has a depth of over 180 feet, which adds greater overall capacity of 55 billion gallons of water. These dimensions include the Round Valley to the largest lake in New Jersey, which means plenty of room for swimmers, divers, and katalnikav kanoedystav. Better still, to this reservoir trout accumulate, so the fish is ready to fish for those who want to immerse in the water water. Fortunately, the ground prospects are also good for travelers, riders, mountain bikers and waterfowl hunters. And never a lull in the action; advance the winter out & # 39; I involves the sled and ski to the frosty snowy landscape in Round Valley.

National wildlife refuges "Big Marsh" is rowing Besking in northern New Jersey, just 26 miles west of Times Square. Is it possible to preserve the wilderness in such close proximity to the Big Apple? Absolutely. Reserve "Great Marsh" was established over 40 years ago, when a group of conscientious citizens of the & # 39; to unite their forces in order to prevent him from becoming the next flight on the urban scene. A few years later the swamp received two significant names: "registered national interest 'and' zone of wildlife", the first such designation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the United States. This shelter on 7400 hectares have marshy forests, swamps full of cat-tails and lazy streams. There are ponds, fringed with grass and trees of solid beech, oak and mountain laurel. In the midst of an attractive bounty of local flowers, blooms on the Big swamp wildlife. The sky is decorated with blue birds and wild ducks, and on the lower level are such interesting creatures as endangered bog turtles and salamanders moving with blue spots.

On the central Atlantic coast "Garden State & # 39; s" in Seaside Park is a state park Island Island. This sandy sanctuary occupies a 3000-acre 10-mile miliar & # 39; erny island, which is bordered on the east by the beautiful Atlantic Ocean and in the west of the calm waters of Barnegat Bay. Atlantic Beach side of the island is characterized by a space dazzling white sand and coastal dunes with ocean forest full of trees, the wind changes in salinity. This is an ideal playground for swimmers, anglers and surfers. On the part of the island Barnegat Bay on the island – it is a separate world of dynamic tidal salons and freshwater wetlands. There are nature trails for hiking, riding and cycling. Rangers present on tours by canoe or kayak in the Barnegat Bay during the summer. Birdwatching in the bay is better than from a perch in a special observation blinds Park. And, as you might expect, on the unspoiled island bar & # 39; barriers, this reserve of flora and fauna is noticeable, as well as Island Beach boasts the largest collection of Vinogradov in New Jersey and the largest expanse of staff on the beach heather.

Just inland is impressive Pinelands National Park, the largest wilderness east of the Mississippi River, which has more than 1 million hectares (note, this is approximately 22% of the total land area!), Untouched forests. Paynland devices include unbroken forests of pine, oak and cedar – and unique pine forests "dwarf"; unusual planting dwarf but mature trees at least 11 feet tall. Water lovers will delight many streams, ideal for canoeing, and anglers can enjoy fishing opportunities inland waters of the Atlantic Ocean and bays. Hunting, horseback riding and photography – a popular pastime in Paynland. In addition, the area also features over 850 plant species and more than 350 species of birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians. One interesting accessory to this area: Paynland Kohansi is on top of the aquifer, a vast reservoir, which is estimated to contain more than 17 trillion (yes, trillion) gallons of some of the cleanest water in the country. And here's a tip: New Jersey is no better place to witness the glorious colors of autumn than Pineland, that offers several short, autumn leaves.

You are looking for a brief respite complete with a soft ocean breeze and beautiful scenery? Then continue heading south to the South Coast of the region and take a choice from a variety of quaint towns. There is the city City with its road 2.5 miles; Cape May, the whole town is on the National Historic Landmark; plus views of the ocean and sea island.