Statistics foreclosures in Maryland

Throughout the country, the improvement of the level of foreclosure occurs. Of course, it depends on the government guidelines. In fact, most people are surprised to learn, in what state the highest rate of loss of foreclosures. Currently Maryland has the highest foreclosure rate in the whole country, there will be an average assumption.

Most people associate the size of the highest foreclosure states such as Florida and Nevada, and maybe New Jersey. All three are in the top five, along with the Delaware, Maryland but surpasses them all in the wrong direction.

All statistics have been conducted since RealtyTrac and reflect the latest available data for April 2016. According to these data, the rate Maryland one out of every 535 houses stored in redemption. In general, in the country, this figure in every 1,212 houses, so Maryland rate more than twice the national rate – 1.19% against, 08%.

As already mentioned, for the MD is Delaware, one in 579 homes in New Jersey, in every 662 homes in Nevada, in every 702 homes, and in Florida, in every 727 homes.

In Merylede, of course, there is a large discrepancy in foreclosure rates for different cities and counties. Five of the highest county rates within the state – Baltimore City, with every 287 homes, Prince George's County, every 357 homes, district Charles, every 395 homes, Washington County, with every 457 homes, and the District of Calvert , one out of every 459 homes.

Meanwhile, Montgomery County has only every 1,359 homes are excluded. It is not only that less than half of Maryland rates in general, but also better than the national rate. And yet, going into the city statistics, there are some town in Montgomery County, which have a much worse rate of foreclosures, such as Barnesvil, every 89 home foreclosure or Garraty Park every 324 house. The same level of imbalance to be seen also in other districts.

For home owners who are faced with the redemption, there are many different potential ways of action. You can file bankruptcy before the buy-back auction completion. In this case, it may be possible to stop foreclosure and even save at home. Be sure to consult with an experienced lawyer on bankruptcy and foreclosure property in your area, who can instruct you on what is possible and provide you with the necessary assistance.