Siser Rodney, a true American hero

The Declaration of Independence – it's probably one of the most valuable possessions of our nation. Last Sunday I learned in Dr. Ken Hamilton Sunday school, how close was adopted by the Continental Congress of the "Declaration." You see, when our grandfathers gathered in Independence Hall, to convey a historical document in Philadelphia, did not have the vote, which I "thought" I always thought it would declare our independence from the tour of the power from the power of the king. England. As we all know, our nation was born thirteen states. At the meeting, each received a single vote to decide whether to declare our independence from England or not. At the meeting attended by delegates of twelve, and one state are not yet available, Delaware.

It is here that comes Sizer Rodney. Rodney lived near Duvera, Delaware. His father died when he was only seventeen, and he was put in the care of Nicholas Ryzhli, who was a clerk in the World Kent. It is believed that this is where Rodney became interested in politics to policy. In 1755, the royal government has been charged Rodney High Sheriff of Kent County, Delaware. He was supposed to represent Delaware at the meeting of the Continental Congress in 1776.

Rodney was a man of such high-spirited, always had some issue with their health. He had some type of malignant growth on the side of the face. The doctors said that he would have to sail back to England to treat malignant disease, or he will die. When it came to the meeting of the Continental Congress, around Rodney again I was sick in bed. However, he knew that he had to hold this historic meeting in Philadelphia. In fact, here I found out what kind of national hero was Rodney for our nation.

Despite the fact that he was ill and so many people thought that he could not get to the meeting, Rodney forced himself out of bed and put on his rags. He rode a horse all the way to Philadelphia in the mess, getting in a minute. At a meeting of the state began to debate and vote as to whether they are going to the US to declare independence from England or not. Six people who attended the state, voted in favor of the proclamation of our independence, and six – for independence. It was a virtual tie, deadlock, deadlock. The birth of this great nation stopped, large double doors opened and a small man with a big heart stumbled into the room. He was immediately asked: "Mr Rodney, as the voice of Delaware?" His answer was: "The State of Delaware is voting so". He broke the tie and began to turn the wheel of a great nation. Then he quickly fell to the floor of Independence Hall. You see, Rodney knew what was best for the people he represented in Delaware, and that was the best in the country. The right to freedom and independence of our country – that's what he thought was best for all of us. He knew that his voice will give people the opportunity to build a nation where there are honest, and all had the opportunity to succeed and be the best for her people. You know, when Rodney voted "yes"; he knew that he would never be a trip to England to treat a malignancy on her face. Once again we have an example of how one of our ancestors sacrificed their own needs for the sake of this great nation.