5 Important Packing Tips For a Canoe Trip

The following tips are meant to keep you from becoming miserable during your Canoe Trip. Planning on the weather as well as taking measures to ensure a smooth canoe ride can make the difference between enjoying your surroundings or being miserable. Canoe trips definitely are not for everyone, but if you prepare correctly, most people will have an excellent time. If you do not prepare, you could be in for the worst vacation of your life.

# 1) Avoid wearing cotton. It is extremely heavy when wet and it takes a long time to dry. If you should have a fall getting in or out of your canoe on your camping trip, you could be wet and miserable for a much longer time. Use synthetic clothing which will wick moisture away from your body and dry much faster.

# 2) Bring a reliable and sturdy rain suit. It is important to plan on every weather condition, even rain. A well designed and durable rain suit will keep you dry and warm and prevent misery on your canoeing and camping trip.

# 3) Bring a lot of bug spray. The last thing you want to be doing is swatting fly's off yourself when you are trying to paddle. If a horse fly manages to get hold of your skin, sudden rapid swatting movements could cause you to flip your canoe and ruin your trip. Bring more bug spray than you think you will need.

# 4) Pack your items in a water tight bag. A normal suitcase is out of the question and a duffel bag is still not a great idea. A water tight bag will ensure none of your items get wet or destroyed you should drop your bag in the water or flip your canoe. Your trip could get ruined pretty fast without a water tight bag. A smaller accessory water tight bag is also great for keys / your phone / wallet / etc. It is also a good idea to throw some matches in there as well do they do not get destroyed by becoming wet.

# 5) Bring a water purifier. If for some reason you become stranded, you do not want to run out of water. You can survive for quite a while without food, however that length of time is much shorter without good water. A charcoal filtering water bottle, or chemically purifying tablets are a must in emergency.

I hope these basic tips are enough to get you on the right track to an enjoyable canoe trip. Getting outfitted with the proper gear and planning ahead is key. Do not forget to take as many pictures as possible!

Source by Matthew Rideout