Best Snowboard Goggles

Getting ready to ride this winter? Anticipating the first snow is really exciting, but spend some time pre-season getting your equipment checked out and up to date. You should be equipped with whatever is the best equipment you can afford, since that's what keeps you running smooth on the slopes. Do not waste time slowed down by wet gloves, cold feet, or lost goggles. Your gear protects you from freezing or worse once you're on the mountain. Especially important is the eye wear you choose for boarding.

You want to look your best course, but snowboard goggles need to keep your eyes safe first and foremost. These will save you from snow blindness, protect your eyes from UV rays, and keep stray branches or other debris from getting in your eyes and potentially causing serious damage. At high downhill speeds, you can really be at risk if not protected. Get tinted lenses for you goggles, which is pretty standard, but choose one you like. Also look for quality elastic headband material, you do not want them to get loose while you're making your moves in the terrain park. Also mostly standard on snow goggles are side vents, which keep air flowing through so you are not hampered by foggy lenses at a time when you need to see clearly.

All the brand name eye wear manufacturers, as well as skiing and boarding celebrities, now have goggles available. You can also purchase more affordable goggles that have just as good protection and features. These might be one item you want to have multiple of, so you can grab and go, and not lose any time searching for goggles before you hit the slopes.

Source by Lucy Greenswood