Fun Activities For You and Your Furry Friend

Being a dog owner can be a fun experience. They can lighten up your mood, they get you outdoors, exploring new places, and they are excited to see you no matter what you look like. They can also help you to experience new things too.

There are many different activities designed with the dog owner in mind. So if you are looking to start a new hobby and you would like to include your loyal companion, here you will find some of the best dog-related activities available. Just remember to make sure that your dog is trained before you take part in outdoor experiences!

Some of the Best Dog Activities

There are a number of different activities which you can take part in with your dog. Some of the most popular include:

o Agility

o Hide and Seek

o Fetch

o Obedience Shows

o Hiking

o Dog Camps

There really are a limitless number of things that both you and your dog can enjoy and the above are just a small sample of them.

Agility is one of the most popular activities and most breeds can join in. It would best suit energetic breeds such as sheepdogs and terriers. However every dog can enjoy a little agility, you just have to find out what your dog likes the most and incorporate it into the agility routine. Usually agility consists of jumps, tunnels and climbing frames. It can be extremely fun and there should be a local agility group near you which you could join.

Hide and seek is another activity which you can take part in. Either you can hide and get your dog to find you, or you could hide objects for your dog to find. This type of activity really stimulates your dog’s mind and that can also help with energetic breeds. Many dog problems are caused because the dog is bored. By stimulating its mind you will be helping to tire them out too!

Obedience and fun shows are another activity you could take part in with your dog. Some dogs love to be shown and they love the attention that they receive both before and after. Entering small, fun shows will give you an idea of whether this type of activity suits your dog. Obviously your dog should know the basic obedience commands if they are to do well in a show environment – even if they are only small shows!

Playing fetch with your dog is an obvious activity to take part in. Terriers and sheepdogs again will love this type of activity. Chasing a ball is a natural instinct for dogs and they love nothing more than a game of fetch.

Less obvious activities which you can take part in with your dog include hiking and dog camps. The latter are not overly well known but they are designed for dog owners to meet each other and to let their dogs to socialize with other dogs. They can be great fun both for the dog and for you so it could be worth looking into a dog camp if you enjoy the great outdoors! Hiking is another outdoor activity which you can do with your dog. If you plan to go on a long hike then you could always take a tent and camp out. Always remember to take plenty of water for your dog if you do choose to take them on a hike – especially on a hot day.

There are so many different activities that you can enjoy with your dog. It would be a great idea to find out what interests your dog the most. Are they energetic? Would they prefer a hike over agility? Agility is suitable for most dogs but not all dogs will enjoy it. Do not force your dog to do any activity as this will make it a nightmare instead of fun for your pet!

Overall if you take the time to try out different activities you will get to see which ones are best suited to you and your dog. People who take part in activities with their pet find that it strengthens their bond with their dogs. If you and your pet have a strong bond then your life will be a lot more enjoyable as a result.

Source by Ron Ayalon