Mountaineering Boots

Wearing the correct mountaineering boots is essential when you go mountain climbing, ice climbing and rock climbing. These tough conditions on rough terrains can cause devastating injuries if you fall or trip while climbing. The mountaineering boots are designed and manufactured to help climbers and they are an important part of the climbing equipment. When purchasing these boots, finding the proper fit and features that are essential to your particular mountain climbing conditions should be the important things on your mind.
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Some of the features that you should look for in these boots are crampon compatibility and tread and sole construction. Mountaineering boots are stiffer and higher than hiking boots. This stiffness helps the crampons to be attached more precisely and assists the climber to climb rougher and steeper slopes. It is important that you bring your crampons with you to the store when you purchase your boots to ensure your crampons are easy to remove and attach.
You do not want to find out whilst you are well on your climb that your crampons do not function properly! Wearing the socks you usually wear for these activities is another crucical point to make. This ensures proper fit for your feet.
As with other outdoor boots, ensure that you break in your boots prior to climbing. This will guarantee that you do not develop too many blisters or sore spots on your climb. If you are climbing during the colder months, look for features in the boots that will keep your feet warm.
You can find single boots that usually has insulation that is integrated into the boots. Another type of boots is the double boots that has a removable lining. This is a great advantage because if your boots do get wet inside, you can remove the liner and dry it separately from the boots.
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This dries the liner faster than if it was integrated into the boots. Again, different boots are for different types of climbs and different weather conditions. Do not be tempted to buy one pair of boots for extreme types of climbs. Some sports and hobbies require specific attire to make it safer. You do not want accidents to happen because of the wrong footwear.
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These boots are also popular footwear for cable-car operators, drivers of snow racers, rescue personnel in ski resorts, etc. They are extremely durable and adaptable to weather which makes them ideal for people who work on rough and harsh terrains.
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Mountaineering boots are specifically designed for climbing and remember that there are different types of boots for different types of climbing. Rock and ice climbing require special boos that cater to the terrain and the climate.
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Keep in mind these factors when you look for a pair of boots to purchase. If you need to buy more than one pair for different climbs, make sure you have separate requirements and look around in the stores. You can also go online and browse the web to look for one before actually going to a store and trying them out.
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This helps narrow down your choices and it makes it a bit easier to choose. Whichever pair of boots you choose pick one that is perfect for you and you will enjoy a safer climb.

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What to Wear When Hiking

Hiking and being out in nature always has a positive effect on my mood and physical well being. It is interesting to discover that the items of clothing and the color of your clothing also have an effect.
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For instance, wearing vibrant colorful pink sweatshirts can help you to feel full of energy, whereas soft blue ones usually have a more serene effect on one’s mood.

You should always be properly prepared when you go hiking.
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Not only do you have to worry about taking enough refreshments with you, but the clothing you pack when going on a hike and the clothing that you wear are vitally important. Something you may want to take into consideration is that the weather changes throughout the day, so it is advisable to think ahead and to always be prepared.

My advice is to wear clothing that is designed to absorb perspiration.
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Sweatshirts were originally designed to do just this, so it makes sense for you to pack a comfortable sweatshirt when you go off on a hike. Perhaps you should choose one that is bright, to help others to spot you should you get into trouble. The best bright colors are orange, yellow and shocking pink.
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Another option to consider for a hike is to wear a sleeveless sweatshirt so that you do not get too hot. However never forget to pack your warm crewneck sweatshirt or a hooded sweatshirt just in case the weather turns and it becomes cold or even starts to rain.
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Always wear comfortable hiking boots that are non-slip together with thick socks so that you do not get blisters and keep your feet dry and warm. Don’t forget to wear loads of sunscreen and to take a hat or a cap along to keep the sun from burning your skin.

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15 Most Famous Tigers in India

Few tigers in India have become larger than life and have become well known for their survival instincts, their ever so popular family lineage and legendary fights. These tigers have been on the cover photos for top magazines and part of new international wildlife documentaries. Here are 15 famous tigers that are most popular in India.


Munna is also known as the “CAT” of Kanha Tiger Reserve. He is probably the only big cat in the world which has the symbol CAT written on his head. Munna has a reputation for stalking vehicles for over an hour until they pull off the safari track. The struggle for dominance was not easy as Munna had to coddle in many fights to gain his present territories and in one such fight, he sustained a leg injury after which he became limp for quite an extended period and attained the name Langda or Limp. Despite his struggle, Munna is a reigning tiger of Kanha at present. Also, known as, the Langda/Meadow Male, Munna is a dominant tiger of Kanha National Park who is also reckoned to be the most photographed tiger in the park.

Best Time to Visit: Mid October to June End

How to Reach:

1. By Air: Jabalpur is the nearest airport connected directly with Mumbai and New Delhi.

2. By Rail: Gondia & Jabalpur are the Nearest Railway Stations for accessing Kanha National Park. Gondia station is 145 kms away from the destination and takes 03:00 hrs from Kanha’s Khatia Entrance Gate. Jabalpur railway station is 170kms and takes 04:00 hrs drive from Kanha’s Mukki Entrance Gate.

Activities: Enchanting Forest and Wildlife


Bamera is the beautiful male tiger at Bandhavgarh National Park. Like B2 (famous tiger who died in 2011) Bamera is now in the twilight stage of his rule. In all likelihood, Bamera’s offspring Banvehi will continue the family reign. He is big, majestic, and a luxury to watch when he walks. Tranquil by the vehicles, and the tourists he walks like a Lord of the Jungle.

Best Time to Visit: October to June

How to Reach:

1. By Air: The airport nearest from the park is Khajuraho. Flights available from Delhi to Khajuraho and 7-8 hrs drive to Tala park entrance at Bandhavgarh.

2. By Rail: Nearest railway station is Umaria which comes after Katani train station. 40 minutes drive from Umaria station to Nature Heritage. Else, you can also take the overnight train from Delhi to Umaria and drive (30 minutes) to the park.

Activities: Bandhavgarh Fort, Village Tala, Baghel Museum, Fossil National Park & Wildlife


The Collarwali Tigress is the dominant female in Pench National Park. She is also famous for giving birth to five babies in the winter of 2013. She was born in the year 2005. She is known for her hunting skills and most of all for bringing up her litters extremely well. Named after the radio collar that this female star Tiger wears, Collared is a favourite of many wildlife enthusiasts. Fame came to this tigress early as she was born to an already famous tigress in the jungle. Collared or Collar Wali is also known for giving birth to the ‘famous five’, which is still so popular in the national park.

Best Time to Visit: October 16th to June 30th

How to Reach:

1. By Air: 102kms from Nagpur, Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport is connected to Delhi & Mumbai and other places by regular flights. Jabalpur is 192 km’s and serves as a suitable airhead with regular flights from Delhi.

2. By Rail: Nagpur is the nearby railway station connected to Delhi & Mumbai and other places in the region by regular trains. Jabalpur also serves as a convenient railhead linked to Delhi and other parts of the country.

3. By Road: A National Highway joins the Pench National Park to Nagpur and Jabalpur. The drive time from Nagpur is 2 hrs (102 km’s) and from Jabalpur is 4 hrs (197 km).

Activities: Jungle Camp, Bird Watching, Horse riding, Jungle Safari, Spa, Indoor Swimming & More.


A middle-aged tigress and an excellent mother Telia is the pride of Tadoba. She frequents the Telia Dam hence she was named after it. Her territory encompasses about 20 sq km which is quite large. She has sired one litter of 3 cubs and tended four children who comprise of all females. The children have grown up and in the process of separating from the mother.

Best Time to Visit: 1st October to 15th June

How to Reach:

1. By Air: The nearest airport is at Nagpur. Flights from major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai and Kolkata regularly fly to Nagpur. The total distance from Nagpur is 140 km. Taxis can be hired from Nagpur airport to reach the national park.

2. By Train: The nearby railway station is at Chandrapur, just 45 km from the destination. The train station is connected to Mumbai, Nagpur, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Jhansi. Continous Buses and private taxis are available from the railway station to reach the place.

3. By Road: There are many buses from Mumbai, Jalgaon, Nagpur, Pune to Chandrapur and Chimur located about 45 km and 32 km respectively.

Activities: Wildlife Safari


Shivaji is known for his bulk and aggressiveness. One of Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve’s most famous big cats, Shivaji is a prime example of a dominant male. This fat cat, also known for his enormous bulk and aggressiveness, is usually seen patrolling around a 50 sq km radius of the Kolsa Range. He belongs on every tiger-watchers must-see list. The size of this male tiger defies our imagination. Though cats alter their territory often, big males like Shivaji manage to hold the key habitats throughout their youth.

Best Time to Visit: 1st October-15th June

How to Reach:

1. By Air: The nearest airport is Nagpur, about 140 km away. Daily flights from Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata to Nagpur. Private cabs can be hired/rented to reach the national park.

2. By Train: Chandrapur is the nearest railway station, 45 km from the park. This railway station is connected to other stations like Nagpur, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Chennai.

3. By Road: Buses are available to reach the reserve from Nagpur, Pune, Mumbai, Jalgaon. Local transport can be hired to come to the sanctuary from Chandrapur to the destination.

Activities: Wildlife Safari


Gabbar is famous for his temper. Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve’s Gabbar who is one of the most photographed tigers in the park. This fat cat is famous for his temper. He shares his name with the most famous villain in Bollywood from the film Sholay. He is also the dominant territorial male in the area. Gabbar can be seen roaming around the Jamni Chowk and Hilltop areas of the reserve.

Best Time to Visit: 1st October-15th June

How to Reach:

1. By Air: The nearest airport is Nagpur, about 140 km away. Daily flights from Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata to Nagpur. You can hire/rent a taxi/cab to reach the national park.

2. By Train: Chandrapur is the nearest railway station, 45 km from the park. This railway station is connected to other stations like Nagpur, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Chennai.

3. By Road: Buses are available to reach the reserve from Nagpur, Pune, Mumbai, Jalgaon. Local transport can be hired to come to the pool from Chandrapur to the destination.

Activities: Wildlife Safari

7. SITARA (T-28):

Star Male “Sitara” is the dominant tiger in Ranthambore National Park. Reckoned to be amazingly powerful, this big tiger was first seen at the end of 2006. It is believed to be the son of tigress T-27. Sitara is known as one of those tigers that gave star tigress Machali (deceased) a neck to neck fight. In the winter months of 2009, Sitara and Machali were seen combating for the territory several times. At present, the territory of Sitara overlaps with that of Machali, and he reigns over Jhalara, Nalghati, about the entire Mandoop plateau and the three principal lakes. Not only this, this Star Male Tiger managed to take the terrain of Machali, but he also mated with her two young daughters Unnis and Sundari.

Best Time to Visit: 1st October to 30th June

How to Reach:

1. By Air: The nearest airport to arrive at the Ranthambore National Park is Sanganer Airport. The distance between Jaipur and Ranthambore is about 180 km. There are daily flights from Jaipur from all the major cities including Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, etc.

2. By Rail: The railway station nearby is Sawai Madhopur, which is located 10 km from the park. The tourists can avail local bus or cab to reach the park smoothly.

3. By Road: Ranthambore is connected with all the major cities and town. It can be achieved through private buses and taxis.

Activities: hiking, nature walks, game safari, bird watching


The queen of Tadoba Tiger Reserve, Malika is the most visited tigress in sanctuary. This tigress was first seen in the year 2008 and is believed to have three siblings that include two male and one female. Malika is famous as a skilled tree climber and love chasing Bisons and gaur. An expert at adapting to the harsh weather conditions, she is reckoned to be an unbeaten survivor in Tadoba National Park. She has given birth to 3 cubs in 2011, whose father is supposed to be the M6 Tiger, named Amitabh. She is the proud mother who has passed her survival skills to her litters.

Best Time to Visit: 1st October to 15th June.

How to Reach:

1. By Air: The nearest airport is Nagpur about 140 km away from the destination. Flights from Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bengaluru, and Kolkata regularly fly to Nagpur.

2. By Train: The nearest railhead is at Chandrapur that is just 45 km from the park.

3. By Road: State transports buses and private taxis from Mumbai, Nagpur, Jalgaon, Pune, do ply regularly to Chandrapur.

Activities: Wildlife Safari


Yes, you heard it right. Amitabh is named after famous and popular Bollywood film star Amitabh Bachchan. This young tiger inhabits in Tadoba National Park and is, in fact, one of the most famous tigers in the park. Amitabh was primary spotted in January 2010 and is supposed to be the part of Duana Family. As a brilliant hunter, he is considered a tiger that for all time finds the choicest meal in the jungle. Although a courageous and strong tiger, Amitabh has been seen running quite a few times from angry sloth bears. He is popular amongst visitors in Tadoba, as he is the one who is mostly seen.

Best Time to Visit: 1st October-15th June

How to Reach:

1. By Air: The nearest airport is Nagpur, about 140 km away. Daily flights from Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata to Nagpur. Private taxis or cabs can be hired to reach the national park.

2. By Train: Chandrapur is the nearest railway station, 45 km from the park. This railway station is connected to other stations like Nagpur, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Chennai.

3. By Road: Buses are available to reach the reserve from Nagpur, Pune, Mumbai, Jalgaon. Local transport can be hired to come to the sanctuary from Chandrapur to the destination.

Activities: Wildlife Safari


Jhumru (T-20) is the large and many predators in Ranthambore. Jhumroo is the oldest male in the park that descended from the dynasty of the great Machali, being her son. If Machali is called as – Lady of the Lakes, probably Jhumroo is called as – Lord of Lakes, since, after Machali, it was Jhumroo who reined her protective areas including the lake. From strapping young cub to large male, the journey of Jhumroo in this park is just incredible. At present, this 9 feet long male tiger is ruling over the forest by dominating the region around Padam and Malik Talao, and the entire summer is being spent in the cold confines of Rani Bagh.

Best Time to Visit: 1st October-30th June

How to Reach:

1. By Air: The nearest airport to reach is Sanganer Airport. The distance between Jaipur and Ranthambore is 180 km, and there are regular flights available for Jaipur. The tourists can take a direct taxi from Sanganer Airport to reach the destination safely.

2. By Rail: The nearest railway station is Sawai Madhopur Railway Station, which is located at a distance of 10 km from the park.

3. By Road: Many private buses and taxis are available to reach the place.

Activities: Hiking, Nature Walks, Game Safari, Bird Watching

11. USTAD:

Ustad is known officially as tiger T24, was the largest tiger at Ranthambore, and was known for being particularly bold around humans. Poachers and loggers didn’t dare penetrate his forest out of fear for their lives. A local hotel executive claims that Ustad did the job of 100 forest guards. A tragic sooth about this T24 is that his land was the main road to Ranthambore Fort and to the Ganesh Temple, which has medium to high human social activity in his province.

Best Time to Visit: 1st October-30th June

How to Reach:

1. By Air: The nearby airport to reach is Sanganer Airport. The distance between Jaipur and Ranthambore is 180 km, and there are regular flights available for Jaipur. The tourists can take a direct taxi from Sanganer Airport to reach the destination safely.

2. By Rail: The nearest railway station is Sawai Madhopur Railway Station, which is located at a distance of 10 km from the park.

3. By Road: Many private buses and taxis are available to reach the place.

Activities: Hiking, Nature Walks, Game Safari, Bird Watching


Namdev is a huge male tiger in Tadoba who has an extensive territory either side of Tadoba Lake. Tigers change their territory often, but big males like Namdev manage to hold the prime habitats throughout their youth.

Best Time to Visit: 1st October-15th June

How to Reach:

1. By Air: The nearby airport is at Nagpur, about 140 km away. Daily flights from Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata to Nagpur. Private Taxis can be hired/rented to reach the national park.

2. By Train: Chandrapur is the nearest railway station, 45 km from the park. This railway station is connected to other stations like Nagpur, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Chennai.

3. By Road: Buses are available to reach the reserve from Nagpur, Pune, Mumbai, Jalgaon. Local transport can be hired to come to the reserve from Chandrapur to the destination.

Activities: Wildlife Safari

13. SULTAN Born to tigress Noor (T-39), Sultan or in other words the Emperor is looking for his territory. His boldness to stare down at tourist jeeps and centres even at a young age has bound people to bestow him with this name. He was first spotted in summers of 2012 when he was about four months old with his mother, Noor. Sultan is reckoned to be a genius, as he has the best of his mother, who is one of the greatest huntresses of Ranthambore National Park and his father Ustad (T-24), who is reckoned to crown the ferocity chart in the forest. With rare genes like these, Sultan is very expected to become the face of the national park in the coming years. Sultan is the next biggest thing that one should look forward to in Ranthambore National Park.

Best Time to Visit: 1st October-30th June

How to Reach:

1. By Air: The nearby airport to reach is Sanganer Airport. The distance between Jaipur and Ranthambore is 180 km, and there are regular flights available for Jaipur. The tourists can take a direct taxi from Sanganer Airport to reach the destination safely.

2. By Rail: The nearest railway station is Sawai Madhopur Railway Station, which is located at a distance of 10 km from the park.

3. By Road: Many private buses and taxis are available to reach the place.

Activities: Hiking, Nature Walks, Game Safari, Bird Watching


Katrina is out of the three cubs born to a tigress in the Bor’s no tourism zone called as Khorikhapa in the summer of 2011. It is is the first time any tigress had delivered four cubs in Bor. The cubs are growing up and in the process of separating from the mother. Born and brought up in the area, she is known as the most camera-friendly tigress.

Best Time to Visit: October to June

How to Reach:

1. By Rail: The nearest railway junction is Wardha, which is 35 km away from the sanctuary and Nagpur is the nearby airport situated at a distance of 80 km.

2. By Road: Hingni is the nearby bus stop, at five km. Tourists can hire private jeeps or car that can take them to the sanctuary.

Activities: Wildlife Safari

15. JAY / JAI:

The handsome hunk “Jay” is presently one of the most royal tigers in central India today and is a jewel in a crown of Umred Karhandla Wildlife Sanctuary. Jai was born in 2010 to a tigress Mai. Jai travelled an aerial distance of around over 70 km through Nagzira, Kisanpur, Kesalwada and Koka. Afterward, it crossed the NH-6 (national highway) between Bhandara and Sakoli followed by Vainganga River to arrive at Umred Karhandla sanctuary in Bhandara district.

Best Time to Visit: October to June

How to Reach:

The closest Airport is the Nagpur Airport (Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport). About 58 km from Nagpur, spread over Umred, Pauni, Kuhi and Bhivapur Taluka. Takes about 1 to 1.30 hrs to get to the sanctuary from Nagpur. It is located 40 km north of Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, 50 km southwest of Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary and 60 km from Nagpur.

Activities: Wildlife Safari, Bird watching

So, what are you waiting for? Pack up your backpacks and get ready for the Wildlife Jungle Safari with your family and give a visit to all the 15 tigers today. The Tigers are waiting to welcome you!

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Planning Is the Key to Happy Traveling

Like all other things, planning plays a key role for a successful and happy traveling experience. Here are some important travel tips that could help you plan and enjoy your holidays. Travel tips such as air travel tips, cheap airfare tips, travel insurance tips, and travel packing tips would save you from hassles of being taken off guard during travel.

The following paragraphs outline various travel planning tips, travel-packing tips, safety travel tips and other useful tips that could help you in planning a memorable holiday and travel plan.

Travel Tips for Planning Destination

Various travel guides list many destinations depending on your taste and purpose. While adventurous people would like to go for hiking, jungle trips or river rafting, couples would like to select romantic destinations. Also, confirm the climatic and weather conditions so that you can have proper clothing to enjoy the holiday. Having right international travel tips and outline of the possible expenses in the destination would help you in managing travel within your budget.

Free Travel Tips

Free travel tips, yeah it is true. Search local magazines or websites to find various free travel tips and free holiday travel offers. You can find many travel offers packaged with the purchase of some consumer electronic items or other household goods. Some good but not-so-popular destinations also offer down to earth packages for a fun filled vacation.

Free Airfare Tips

Some hotels and resorts provide free airfare if you book rooms in their hotels. Budget plays a vital role in your travel. Since traveling expenses usually exceed the budget, so keep some space in your budget for exigencies. In foreign trips, always carry more than enough cash because cash is the only means of survival. With no friends and relatives, cash will take care of all emergencies. There are certain situations wherein your credit card would be of no use and you will need cash to take care of certain expenses.

Travel Tips for Planning Your Baggage and Documents

Travel planning is not just about planning the destination, mode of travel and the best possible resorts. You have to take care of proper documents and packing to enjoy a fun filled holiday and hassle free traveling. Here are some important travel documents tips and packing tips to help you plan a fun filled and hassle free vacation.

Travel documents tips

The most important travel planning and travel documents tips is to keep ready all documents before going on a vacation outside the US or even within the country. For foreign trips, Passport, Visa, Driving License and Insurance coverage are the most important documents that you need to carry along with you. While you may have your passport ready in hand, you will have to apply for a Visa for the destination country. Apply for the visa well in time to avoid last minute jitters.

Travel packing tips

Travel Packing tips is necessary to keep you happy and hassle free during your travel. Keep your luggage handy and well organized according to the requirements. Pack your luggage according to weather conditions of the visiting destination. An extra luggage often becomes a liability. For certain items, it is cheaper to use and throw them in the destination itself rather than carrying an extra baggage for them.

Home safety travel tips

Do not forget to ensure the safety of your home, car, and other properties such as garden while you are traveling. You could seek help from some friend or security services to keep vigil on your home.

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The Durango Colorado Experience

Rich in the Ute Indian history and full of Wild West experiences, there is so much to do in Durango you may have a hard time deciding where to start. You can relive history on board the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. This is a steam-powered train that you travel on the same tracks as miners, settlers and cowboys from over a century ago. You can always find places for horseback riding and a great chuck wagon western show with traditional barbecue dinner and music at the Bar D Chuck wagon.

Relax a bit and take advantage of some of the best fishing, boating and hiking trails offered at Vallecito Lake. With something to do in every season, this is a beautiful destination in the heart of the San Juan National Forest. In the winter experience cross country skiing and snowmobiling. Year round beautiful scenery is plentiful.

El Rio de las Animas Perdidas, or, The River of Lost Souls, offers a thrill in of itself. Challenging rapids only for expert rafters can be found in the Upper Animas. The Lower Animas is a great for river rafting for the entire family.

Jeep rentals offering sceanic 4X4 tours or the area are offered as well. Professional guides can provide historical information about ghost towns and ancient Indian dwellings. This is an adventure the whole family will really enjoy and an experience worth going for.

For a great look into what this town is all about, visit Historic downtown Durango. It has historic hotels, award winning restaurants and unique events that are special to Durango.

The Mesa Verde National Park is the perfect opportunity to walk in the footsteps of the Anasazi civilization that vanished long ago. You'll be able to view cliff dwellings and explore adobe buildings as well. There is a park entrance fee but it is well worth the small price. Additionally, if you want to find out as much as you can, full day and half day tours are offered at an additional fee, but they are amazingly educational and fun experiences.

If you are looking for that unique but educational vacation for your family, Durango offers it all. Come and learn, have fun and do something totally unique from any other vacation with what Durango has to offer.

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The Advantages Of GPS Marine Navigation

Everything You Need To Know About GPS Marine Navigation

Nautical GPS systems have come along away since they first came onto the market, and you do not need to be an expert of the ocean to be able to use one. Each year the technology in GPS marine navigation systems just keeps getting better and better, giving them many more features and much more power!

But does all this technology make them a more practical navigation tool when in the middle of the ocean faced with sun, salt and spray?

Before you spend your hard earned money on the next best GPS marine navigation system, it is best to get an understanding of what they are, what they do and why you might need one.

What Are GPS Marine Navigation Systems?

GPS stands for global positioning system and a marine GPS is designed specifically for the marine environment. These devices are strongly recommended due to the increased safety they bring to navigators of the open waters. In fact, sailing courses now include the use of GPS systems within their training courses.

The most basic of the GPS marine navigation systems are usually handheld, you can then get chartplotter devices, and computers connected to a GPS

They use satellites to determine the speed and direction of the ship which is then shown on the screen of the instrument. With a chartplotter device it also allows for the ships course to be plotted electronically.

If you are out on the ocean and are experiencing difficulties or are in danger, you can use the GPS to signal the ships position to rescuers so they know where to go. This may not be an available option on older models, but current ones most likely have this feature.

GPS marine navigation systems usually have built in alarms that sound if you were to go off course or if your anchor is dragging. These alarms are not usually very loud and as the ocean can be noisy in rough waters, you may want to find a unit that can be connected to an external alarm on the boat.

So let’s take a look at the different types of devices available to you in more detail.

· Handheld- Although these are the cheapest of the devices they are usually just as accurate. As it is handheld it can be used in other situations such as hiking or in the car! It can get a bit difficult using the often small buttons on the device, especially if you’re are in rough waters, although most of the handheld units come with a mounting bracket. Sometimes the signal can become weak on these devices so it may be a good idea to purchase one that allows an external antenna to be used.

· Chartplotters- Compared to the handhelds the chartplotters are a big improvement. This type of GPS marine navigation displays the information overlaid on nautical charts. This will be the primary navigation tool and whilst not a complete replacement for paper charts, it has a large screen, and the buttons are a lot larger than the handheld devices. The chartplotter needs to be mounted to a fixed surface and they usually all come with external antennas, so placement shouldn’t be an issue. The screen sizes vary from between 5-10 inches and you will have to pay more if you want a colour screen. Most chartplotters are integrated with the GPS receiver, meaning that they are both included in one unit.

· Computer Connected To GPS- A computer can be used with different types of GPS: Sensor, chartplotter or standard GPS receiver. The computers are usually only used below deck as the screens are hard to see in direct sunlight. One advantage of using GPS marine navigation with a computer is that the planning and navigation is all done on one unit. The computer is more powerful than a chartplotter and this means that there are more software choices and also 3D display applications can also be run. There are even computers and laptops especially made for the marine environment!

These are your three main options if you are thinking of purchasing a GPS marine navigation device, but it will come down to your budget and also what features you personally want. Don’t pay over the top for features that you don’t think you will need.

Source by Jack G Gordon

What Coleman Camping Gear Should You Take on Your Next Camping Trip?

There are many different Coleman camping gear essentials that you can take on your camping trip to make your camping experience one that you will enjoy.

However, you need to think about what type of camping you are doing and what Coleman camping gear will be able to take on your camping trip. With some types of camping you will not be able to take all of the camping gear that you might want to take.

Really, when you think about it there are a couple different types of camping.

1. Hiking & Backpacking Camping:

With this type of camping you will need to rough it a bit, similar to if you were in the army and only allowed to take what you can fit in a backpack and carry on your back. This kind of camping is usually only done when you are going on a hike. You really need to think about what items you really need when you are hiking to your camping spot because you can not carry a great deal with you. If you can only get to your camping spot by hiking there, you can only take the absolute essentials.

As well as all your personal needs, a first aid kit, water and food you will also need the following items for backpack camping:

  • A lightweight sleeping bag that can be stuffed into a compression sack so it's small. There are many Coleman sleeping bag styles to choose from.
  • A blow up pillow or pillowcase which you can stuff clothes or a jacket into make a comfortable pillow. Coleman make a back country pillowcase which is just perfect for a hiking camping trip.
  • A sleeping pad if you can fit it, such as the Coleman rest easy pad.
  • A small lightweight backpacking tent, something that is not too heavy and will weigh you down. There are lots of different Coleman camping tent styles which are suitable for backpacking and are available in 1, 2 or even 4 person tents.
  • A small one burner stove that is lightweight. There are many different Coleman camp stove styles that are suitable for hiking and backpacking. A small one burner stove is all you need and is great because they are very lightweight and easy to fit in a backpack.
  • A lightweight torch so you see what you are doing at night if you can not light a fire where you will be camping.

2. National Park or Camp Grounds Camping:

With this type of camping, you can usually get to it by car. When you have a car to bring all your camping needs then you do not have to worry about only bringing what you can fit in a backpack. If you're camping in a national park or a camping ground where there is car access, then this type of camping allows you to bring a lot of other items.

There are many different types of Coleman camping gear items that will make your next camping trip to the national park an enjoyable one and they are:

  • A Coleman camping tent is essential for shelter when camping in the outdoors and they make many different styles of tents and come in all different shapes and sizes depending on how many people you need to accommodate. They also have tents that have many rooms so you can have more space inside for different uses.
  • Coleman sleeping bags are another essential item that is needed when you go camping. They have many types to choose from in their line up and it will depend on the type of weather you are camping in as to what sleeping bag is needed, because they make various grades of warmth.
  • A Coleman camp stove will also be needed to cook you meals if there are no cooking facilities or BBQs where you are camping and these are available in different styles, types and sizes depending on your needs.
  • Coleman Coolers or an esky will help to keep your perishable food items cold.
  • Coleman camping furniture such as folding tables, chairs and even stretcher beds are among the furniture items you may like to take on your next trip to make it more comfortable.
  • Coleman lanterns or some sort of lighting system will also help you to see at night when you are cooking if you do not have a camp fire.
  • Coleman heaters may also come in handy to keep warm on a cold night especially if you do not have a camp fire.

3. Camping in a camper trailer, caravan or motor home:

Having a camper trailer, caravan or motor home is the type of camping which a little more luxury. There's no need for a camping tent, though there are still other Coleman camping gear items which are needed even if you have a camper trailer, caravan or motor home.

Coleman offer many camping items for the luxury camper; things such as portable refrigerators, the Coleman BBQ, camping showers and even a portable toilet are some of the items that you may like to take on this type of camping adventure.

So when you plan your next camping trip think about what style of camping you will be doing and match is with the different types of Coleman camping gear that is available to make your camping trip one that you will enjoy in comfort.

Source by Julieanne Wain

Taipei Taiwan Travel Guide for First Timers

If you are planning a trip to Taiwan for the first time, there are several areas worth visiting to make the most of your trip. While there are multiple beautiful, historic areas, the following are my personal favorites for Taipei travel. Please feel free to use this as a sort of personal Taipei travel guide when planning your Taipei vacation.

  • Taipei 101

We start our Taipei tour at Taipei 101. This is a skyscraper located in the Xinyi District. In 2004, it was listed as the world’s tallest building at 1,671 feet. It held that title for 6 years until the Burj Khalifa in Dubai eclipsed Taipei 101 in 2010. The tower boasts 101 stories and features an outdoor observation deck on the 91st floor like the Empire State Building in New York City where you can see beautiful views of the surrounding areas.

The bottom five floors of Taipei 101 feature a luxury shopping mall with upscale shops such as Burberry and Louis Vuitton. On the 88th floor indoor observatory, you can see the 730-ton mass damper, basically a giant ball that acts like a pendulum to counteract the buildings sway during high winds. Without this damper, people on high floors can actually suffer from motion sickness from the constant swaying of the building! Taipei 101 is a city icon that is visible for miles across the city. Every New Year’s, Taipei 101 attracts tens of thousands of visitors to see its spectacular fireworks display.

  • Ximending Shopping

If you are into shopping, you can’t go wrong with Ximending. This is the shopping area in the Wanhua district of Taipei and is considered to be the fashion capital of Taiwan. On weekends, Ximending streets are closed to traffic and becomes a pedestrian shopping mall. The area is popular with street performers of all types and, because it is a hotspot, you can catch celebrities hosting small outdoor concerts, album launches, and other events.

Ximending is also famous for its “Theater Street” where there is a concentration of several movie along Wuchang Street. For history buffs, though, the most famous theater in the district is the Red House Theater which was built in 1908 during Japanese occupation and is still an operational theater with regular performances.

  • Yangmingshan National Park

If beautiful sights are what you look forward to when travelling, then I can’t recommend Yangmingshan enough. It is the largest natural park in Taipei. Yangmingshan is great for hiking and has numerous trails that can last an entire day or just a couple of hours. Popular trails include Seven Stars Peak which will take you to the highest peak in Taipei at 1120 meters (3600 feet) or see the stunning waterfall of the Juansi Waterfall Trail.

Each February through March, Yangmingshan is the site of the Yangmingshan Flower Festival when several varieties of flowers such as azaleas, camellias, and especially cherry blossoms reach their peak bloom. Every evening of the festival, cherry blossom trees are illuminated for a particularly romantic sight. Visitors can also have lunch and dinner at one of many restaurants such as The Top or Grass Mountain Chateau for spectacular vistas of Taipei below.

Between the beauty of the cherry blossoms and the views of the city, Yangmingshan is a well-known romantic spot for lovers all over Taipei. From April to May, when calla lilies reach full bloom, you can pick your own lily flowers for only a few dollars at one of several flower farms.

Lastly, don’t miss out on Yangming Shuwu, also known as Yangming Villa, the beautiful summer retreat of the late president Chiang Kai-shek. Yangming Villa house and gardens are maintained as they were when occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Chiang. The house is a two-story traditional Chinese home, with reception rooms and offices on the first floor and the Chiang’s personal residence on the second floor where their paintings and personal photographs are still displayed. The gardens are especially beautiful in the Spring when the flowers are in bloom. As a bit of trivia, it’s been noted that several bushes are planted in bunches of five – to symbolize the “5-star” rank of General Chiang.

  • National Palace Museum

Next, we find ourselves at the National Palace Museum which opened in 1965. If you love history, this is the place to be! National Palace Museum has a humongous collection of 700,000 permanent exhibits of Chinese Imperial history and artwork that spans over 2000 years plus prehistoric Chinese artifacts and artwork that dates to the Neolithic era, or better known as the “Stone Age”.

The most popular item in its collection is the Jadeite Cabbage. Carved during the 19th century, it is a piece of jadeite that has been shaped to resemble a head of Chinese cabbage and has a locust and a grasshopper camouflaged in its leaves. Legend says the sculpture is a metaphor for female fertility, with the white cabbage stalk representing purity, the green leaves of the cabbage representing fertility, and the insects representing children.

  • Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

Another historically significant landmark on our trek to learn about the history of Taiwan is the Chiang Kia-shek Memorial Hall. This is a national monument that was built in honor of former Republic of China President Chiang Kia-shek. The memorial marks the geographic and cultural center of Taipei. It is the most visited attraction by foreign tourists. The pagoda style memorial hall has a presidential library and museum on the ground level.

The main hall features a large, seated statue of Chiang Kai-shek, much like the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. The memorial hall and its surrounding Liberty Square plaza encompasses 60 acres and includes many ponds and garden spaces. The plaza also houses two of Taipei’s performance art buildings, the National Theater and the National Concert Hall.

  • Beitou Hot Springs and Public Library

My favorite place to visit while in Taiwan is an area called Beitou. Beitou is a mountainous district north of Taipei City and is most known for its hot springs and its magnificent public library. The mineral waters from the many natural geothermal vents in Beitou are famous for their healing and therapeutic properties. An entire industry of hot springs bathhouses and hotels have sprung up in Beitou offering aroma therapy, massages, and hydrotherapy. There are a lot of places where tourists can soak their feet in the hot springs stream. Be sure to visit the Hot Springs Museum. When it was built in 1913, it was the largest public bathhouse in Asia at that time. Today, the museum offers a glimpse at its bathhouse facilities and Beitou’s history.

Next, visit the Beitou public library. Its wooden structure that fits seamlessly into its Beitou Park setting. Through use of eco-friendly features and design, the library is Taiwan’s first “green” building. The library opened in 2006 and was built to reduce the usage of water and electricity. To do this, architects used large windows to allowing in natural light and a solar panel roof to provide the electricity needed for operation. Also, the library collects rain water to be stored and used to flush its toilets.

  • Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf

Our final stopping point is Tamsui. Tamsui is located on the western tip of Taipei and our favorite place was the Fisherman’s Wharf. We learned that not only do the restaurants that dot the Fisherman’s Wharf boardwalk provide the freshest seafood available, it also provides breathtaking sunset views. Fisherman’s Wharf still functions as a harbor for local fishermen and they proudly provide harbor for 150 vessels! Our favorite walk is across the “Lover’s Bridge” pedestrian bridge, named as such because it opened on Valentine’s Day 2003.

Its architecture resembles a sailing ship’s masts. It was about a 3-minute walk across the bridge, which at sunset is magnificent. Lover’s Bridge is also a great place to catch the yearly fireworks show and concert that the city hosts each year to celebrate Chinese Valentine’s Day (which occurs in August and not February 14th). Another way to experience Tamsui is to take a ferry from the Tamsui Ferry Pier and disembark at the Fisherman’s Wharf. The ferry is a cheap way to see terrific views of the Tamsui waterfront. A one-way fare costs only $2 USD and takes only about 15 minutes.

Though our Taiwan vacation seems to have been over in the blink of an eye, it was amazing! While there is so much more to see, we feel we made the most of our travels in Taipei. I hope that your trip proves to be just as educational and encompassing as ours.

Source by Bob Tom

Five Surprising Benefits of Outdoor Recreation

When it comes to exercise, many people head straight to the gym, preferring to work their muscles on a treadmill or elliptical machine. While gyms are certainly useful and can give an athlete a head start on their fitness goals, nothing quite beats the benefits of nature. For those looking to improve their physical fitness, outdoor recreation can help boost both physical and emotional fitness and health, while also transforming exercise from a dull routine into a fun adventure. Here are five reasons everyone should head outside.

Improve Physique

Outdoor recreation can often be physically demanding, but the sports work different muscles than those static machines at the gym. Instead of doing countless repetitions on a weight machine, try canoeing or go fishing with a friend. The motions of the sports work the arm and core stabilizer muscles in a different way, boosting the effectiveness of a gym workout and improving muscle tone and strength. Best of all, because the movements come with a healthy dose of fun, it won’t feel like exercise!

Engage With Others

Working out in a gym is often a solitary activity. Headphones and televisions often keep people from interacting or conversing as they work out. Outside, whether it’s on a hiking trail or at a golf course, people can talk to each other, turning a solitary activity into a social outing. Once the conversations start, many people find they have more in common with their fellow participants than they expected, resulting in new friendships and new connections.

Unplug From the Daily Grind

Technology is everywhere in daily life. At work, many tasks are completed on a computer, and at home, countless hours are devoted to the television. Heading outside for a walk or sitting in a park gives people the opportunity to unplug and relax. Rather than focusing on a screen, individuals can focus on watching the clouds or observe the way the leaves blow in the wind. Disconnecting from technology gives the mind a chance to rest and reset, reducing anxiety and stress associated with an on-demand society.

Better Sleep and Improved Focus

Anyone who is familiar with spending hours outside in the sun knows that at the end of the day, their body is tired. Outdoor recreation changes up the way the body moves, exercising new muscles and stimulating the mind. Physical activity helps the body relax and makes it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night. Well-rested individuals are better prepared to focus the next day and often see an improvement in the quality of their work.

Develop New Hobbies

Getting outside is a great way to discover new passions and hobbies. Go to a new place, hike a new trail, or play a new sport. Not only will the new experiences help cultivate a passion for the environment, but it will also give individuals an outlet outside of their usual hobbies.

Instead of heading to the gym for a solitary workout session, head outside, take a walk in nature, and breathe the fresh air!

Source by Antoinette Ayana

What You Actually Know About Running Shoes

There are lots of running shoes offered in the marketplace. Some athletic sneakers are made for a variety of different sporting activities. Depending on how you want to use the sneakers, will determine the type that you get. It can be a little confusing when shopping for sneakers, because there are so many different types in each category. It is a good idea to know what you need before you go shopping for new sneakers.

There are walking, running, soccer, casual and other types of sneakers. They are all made to fit the feet in a certain way and have shock absorbers or special cushioning, depending on the use of the particular footwear. Sneakers that are made for hiking are made to support the feet on tough terrain. Running sneakers are usually very light and are made to reduce the impact the foot makes every time it hits the ground. There is a certain science and technology involved in the production of sneakers.

It is important to be fitted with the correct size. Ill fitting sneakers can cause damage to your feet as well as your back. There are plenty of ways you can measure your feet. The retail outlet where you buy your sneakers will have measuring tools. You need to make sure the footwear is not too small or too big. If you do not have the proper fit, it will not only affect your performance, but it will cause injury to your feet. You will also be likely to develop bunions and sores on your feet.

The arch form of your foot will even affect how a sneaker fits. Every foot is different. The arch in the foot will also affect how a sneaker fits. There are special inserts that can be purchased to help the sneaker fit more comfortably. The make of the footwear can be fashioned in a number of different options that will enhance the performance of the footwear.

Your foot form is closely associated with its movement while you walk or operate. Along with every stride, your own heel strikes the floor first. It comes slowly inward and also the arch flattens to cushioning the impact. Your own foot then comes slightly to the outdoors and stiffens to create a springboard in order to propel your next action.

Padding supplies the sneaker with the needed shock absorption to protect the feet, knees and back. Cushioning will also allow the runner to be more comfortable when performing high impact activities. There are running sneakers that are made for rough outdoor terrain. And there are styles that are useful for indoor track events.

Before getting a new pair of sneakers, you should first examine the bottoms of the old athletic footwear. Notice the places in which the sneakers they are worn. This will let you know where your own feet drops each time they hit the surface of the ground.

There is a lot of science involved with purchases running shoes. Professional athletes require a certain type of sneaker connected with their particular sport. It is very important to get the right fit to avoid discomfort and injury. There are many different retail outlets that provide all kinds of sporting footwear. When trying on new sneakers, walk around in them for a walk, even try to run a little bit in the store. You want to get an accurate idea of ​​how they will fit once taken outside of the store.

Source by Natasha Finger

Must Visit Places in New Zealand for the Best Experiences

New Zealand has always been the first choice for adventure-frenzies and for those who tend to stay close to the purity of nature. Regardless the distance and average flight time from the western world, this part of the Oceania have always been visited by thousands of travelers who enjoy getting to know and explore the culture of Kiwis. With its spellbinding array of glaciers, mountains, deserted islands, flora, fauna, culture, heritage, natural landscapes and cityscapes, New Zealand have been alluring all of us to visit at least once in the lifetime. So, if you too are tempted by the superlative diversity and serenity of this thriving getaway destination in the Australia-pacific region, then you shall plan your trip while keeping the following list of must visit places in New Zealand before you leave:

1. Mount Maunganui

A cozy laid-back beach space, ideally famous to enjoy the quality couple time as well as a family picnic next to the soothing waves of the Pacific Ocean, Mount Maunganui is one of the most reputed and spellbinding beaches in the entire country, featuring a fabulous stretch of white-sand beach, superlative backdrops of natural landscapes, exquisite and refreshing ocean beauty as well as remarkable range of activities to indulge in. If you have been thinking to have a beach experience in the New Zealand and looking forward to a picture perfect beach experience, Mount Maunganui can be the finest choice you make on your entire journey.

2. Waiheke Island

Located less than an hour of ferry ride away from the shores of Auckland, Waiheke Island is among the most spellbinding islands of the archipelago of New Zealand, famous for its untouched natural beauty and intact landscape formation without any human interference. A splendid, short and scenic tropical island that lush with an incredible variety of landscapes, sandy beaches, tranquilizing coastline, refreshing sight of ocean horizon and more, Waiheke Island is truly a bliss to experience. While you are at Waiheke Island, do not forget to visit some of the finest vineyards located on the island that are the creators of some of the finest wines available in the New Zealand.

3. Abel Tasman National Park

With its ideal location placing it on the northern edge of South Island, Abel Tasman National Park is the best place for those who like to discover the incredible flora and fauna of the New Zealand. Regardless of its size, the variety of species available here is huge and hikers often find this place quite a delight to explore and understand the natural beauty and diversity of New Zealand up close. Please make sure to catch the plane or boat ride to visit here as personal vehicles are strictly prohibited to enter here. Take a stroll up to the mountains and other high-lands to gaze on the picture perfect view of natural beauty and diversity available in Abel Tasman National Park.

4. Kaikoura

Most of the travelers visit New Zealand for the sake of adventure, natural exploration, sightseeing, cityscape delights and more, but there is a rare breed of voyagers that travel across any part of the world to taste the real delight of the culture, the gourmet. If you consider yourself a foodie, then do visit to the Kaikoura which is a small coastal town on the South Island, ideally famous for its beautiful and thriving restaurants that are famous across the horizon for fresh, delicious and diverse seafood. Taste some of the most delicious seafood here whilst having a great view of dolphins, seals, whales and many more marine giant creatures vulture on the surface of wild turquoise water of the Pacific.

5. Wai-o-Tapu

If you think, the best geothermal activities done by the nature can be found in the United States and the region only, you shall try visiting Wai-o-tapu. A small region located close to the outskirts of Rotorua in North Island that is quite renowned in this part of the world for its incredible natural phenomena. The geysers and hiking trails here are the finest experience you can have in the North Island whilst strolling down the volcanic landscapes that are now transformed into natural plains and dense forest highlands. Many hikers have found the trekking paths of Wai-o-tapu quite astounding and intimidating with their unique formations as well as spellbinding backdrops that gives the most gorgeous and unearthly look.

Although, New Zealand isn’t as big as Australia, China, United States, Canada or England, but the combination of these two giant islands and small archipelagos around it remain lush with a breathtaking, unbelievable and splendid variety of features that makes New Zealand even more charming and indulging. So, if you have been on a spree of saving big to afford the flight tickets to New Zealand and have a gorgeous getaway, then keep on going to make sure you experience the best of this Kiwi island-duo while savoring on some of the finest adventures that will make your voyage even more exciting.

Source by Rajni Devi

The Importance of Outdoor Footwear

While hiking over rough terrain good outdoor footwear is vital. Whether you are an avid hiker that loves the hard to travel trails or a novice out for a stroll there is a hiking boot just for you. There are several good brands of outdoor footwear available all with a variety of features and price ranges. How to choose the right brand for you depends on what type of terrain you are on and what type of hiking you are getting them for.

Some of the better brands of outdoor footwear include Hi-Tec, Columbia and Timberland. Hi-Tec offers several durable, high-traction waterproof boots. They have a seamless-sealed construction and EVA midsole for excellent comfort. It is a comfortable, rugged yet stylish hiking boot that holds up for those long rugged hikes. These high-top hiking boots are made of Nubuck leather and are perfect for some heavy duty backpacking. Depending on which type of boot you choose they can come in black, brown, gray, taupe or dark chocolate. The prices range from $ 37.00 to $ 137.00.

Columbia offers a waterproof hiking boot that has a breathable fit and Contour Comfort footbed. The deep tread gets great traction, and they are perfect for any terrain, even if that terrain is covered in snow. These go anywhere boots are especially good if you are planning on walking on uneven surfaces. These can come in a variety of colors such as Tusk / Cedar, Espresso / Flame and Flax / Kryptonite. Prices for these boots can range from $ 82.00 to $ 122.00.

Finally, Timberland offers a lightweight hiking boot that is both flexible and durable. These waterproof leather boots provide excellent traction on trails, and have cushioning that is impact resistant. These boots are very comfortable and offer stability when walking on slippery or rocky terrain. These boots are brown in color. This pair of outdoor footwear can range between $ 70.00 and $ 100.00.

If you are planning a trip to the Rocky Mountains to backpack up the side of the mountains or walking through a sun drenched field to relax your shoes are of utmost importance. No matter which of these brands of outdoor footwear you choose you are sure to hike in comfort and style.

Source by Julien Robins