Mountaineering Boots

Wearing the correct mountaineering boots is essential when you go mountain climbing, ice climbing and rock climbing. These tough conditions on rough terrains can cause devastating injuries if you fall or trip while climbing. The mountaineering boots are designed and manufactured to help climbers and they are an important part of the climbing equipment. When purchasing these boots, finding the proper fit and features that are essential to your particular mountain climbing conditions should be the important things on your mind.
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Some of the features that you should look for in these boots are crampon compatibility and tread and sole construction. Mountaineering boots are stiffer and higher than hiking boots. This stiffness helps the crampons to be attached more precisely and assists the climber to climb rougher and steeper slopes. It is important that you bring your crampons with you to the store when you purchase your boots to ensure your crampons are easy to remove and attach.
You do not want to find out whilst you are well on your climb that your crampons do not function properly! Wearing the socks you usually wear for these activities is another crucical point to make. This ensures proper fit for your feet.
As with other outdoor boots, ensure that you break in your boots prior to climbing. This will guarantee that you do not develop too many blisters or sore spots on your climb. If you are climbing during the colder months, look for features in the boots that will keep your feet warm.
You can find single boots that usually has insulation that is integrated into the boots. Another type of boots is the double boots that has a removable lining. This is a great advantage because if your boots do get wet inside, you can remove the liner and dry it separately from the boots.
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This dries the liner faster than if it was integrated into the boots. Again, different boots are for different types of climbs and different weather conditions. Do not be tempted to buy one pair of boots for extreme types of climbs. Some sports and hobbies require specific attire to make it safer. You do not want accidents to happen because of the wrong footwear.
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These boots are also popular footwear for cable-car operators, drivers of snow racers, rescue personnel in ski resorts, etc. They are extremely durable and adaptable to weather which makes them ideal for people who work on rough and harsh terrains.
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Mountaineering boots are specifically designed for climbing and remember that there are different types of boots for different types of climbing. Rock and ice climbing require special boos that cater to the terrain and the climate.
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Keep in mind these factors when you look for a pair of boots to purchase. If you need to buy more than one pair for different climbs, make sure you have separate requirements and look around in the stores. You can also go online and browse the web to look for one before actually going to a store and trying them out.
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This helps narrow down your choices and it makes it a bit easier to choose. Whichever pair of boots you choose pick one that is perfect for you and you will enjoy a safer climb.

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What to Wear When Hiking

Hiking and being out in nature always has a positive effect on my mood and physical well being. It is interesting to discover that the items of clothing and the color of your clothing also have an effect.
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For instance, wearing vibrant colorful pink sweatshirts can help you to feel full of energy, whereas soft blue ones usually have a more serene effect on one’s mood.

You should always be properly prepared when you go hiking.
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Not only do you have to worry about taking enough refreshments with you, but the clothing you pack when going on a hike and the clothing that you wear are vitally important. Something you may want to take into consideration is that the weather changes throughout the day, so it is advisable to think ahead and to always be prepared.

My advice is to wear clothing that is designed to absorb perspiration.
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Sweatshirts were originally designed to do just this, so it makes sense for you to pack a comfortable sweatshirt when you go off on a hike. Perhaps you should choose one that is bright, to help others to spot you should you get into trouble. The best bright colors are orange, yellow and shocking pink.
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Another option to consider for a hike is to wear a sleeveless sweatshirt so that you do not get too hot. However never forget to pack your warm crewneck sweatshirt or a hooded sweatshirt just in case the weather turns and it becomes cold or even starts to rain.
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Always wear comfortable hiking boots that are non-slip together with thick socks so that you do not get blisters and keep your feet dry and warm. Don’t forget to wear loads of sunscreen and to take a hat or a cap along to keep the sun from burning your skin.

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Finding a Reliable Transport Operator for Day Trips, Excursions and Weddings

Whether you are going out on a day trip, organizing an excursion or a wedding ceremony it is important you hire a reliable mode of transport that will take care of all the hassles associated with traveling and time keeping. Using a reputable coach hire service would be an ideal choice for making your trips and ceremonies enjoyable and memorable.

A day trip offers a chance to relax and take a break from the normal humdrum work routine and demanding lifestyle. And to make your day trip a pleasant and relaxing experience it is worth considering renting a coach. This will allow you to take your family members, friends and collections along with picnic kits, hiking gear, sightseeing equipment – practically any accessories you require. It also allows transportation of everyone at the same time ensuring no one gets lost.

Another problem to overcome by hiring a coach is that it includes a knowledgeable, well trained driver who will take you to your destination without you worrying about the directions and routes so you can simply sit back, relax and enjoy the view.

When it comes to organizing a school trip or an excursion, it becomes quite difficult to attend to a time line that is already set in place. The schedule has to be followed strictly to make sure that children get to see everything, have sufficient time for taking their lunch and get back to the school at the right time. A professional coach hire company will ensure that a proper vehicle is provided to accommodate all the children, lunches are kept at a proper temperature and, the excursion runs smoothly and on time.

Weddings are aa special occasion, cherished for a lifetime. However, organizing a wedding ceremony is not an easy job to do and one of the most difficult but important aspects of the wedding function is to manage the guests. Imagine how things can go easily wrong when guests do not get to the ceremony on time or can not find a parking space at the location of the function or simply get lost on the way? Plus, what about the issue of drink driving and expensive taxi fares? That's where the services of a reliable private coach hire service comes into fore. A coach can be arranged to pick up guests from the airport, or a hotel or a central agreed meeting point and return them back again safely after the function. Let guests relax and enjoy the special day even before they arrive, right from the journey.

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Looking Younger the Natural Way

I find that age is really first a matter of mind. Do not believe that you must show the signs of aging. Do not be with people who constantly complain about aches, pains, medicines, etc. Make it your passion to be well and healthy. It all starts with you.

Simple things like drinking enough water are important. We need to be certain that we are well-hyrdated each day. Drinking coffee, juices, and soda pop is not true hydration; we need purified water and mineralized waters to help sustain true health. If you are eating foods that are denatured, over-processed, salted, smoked, and sweetened you might consider consider upgrading your food choices. By eating foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes you will give your body more of what it needs to be vibrant. Visit a holisitc doctor who can help guide your personal wellness plan.

Eat foods from every color of the rainbow each week; colored sherbet and jellos do not count. Be sure to have red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet foods -both fruits and veggies. Cut back on alcohol and all sweets too. If you smoke please stop. Eating a wide variety of foods is important.

Get outside and allow your body to absorb some natural sunlight while you walk or bike or play some sport. Just walking at a fast pace is really wonderful exercise if you do it consistently through the week. So many of us are office-bound and drive much too often. What will sitting too long do for you? Nothing but bring illness! We must move in every way including moving our bowels to keep your body vibrant.

As far as keeping your skin as free from deep wrinkles as possible, including anti-oxidants in your daily diet. Look for richly colored natural foods and add an anti-oxidant supplement. Be sure that you take digestive enzymes as you age to help stimulate your metabolism and help your body rid itself of waste.

Apply a 100% natural oil after your shower. Be sure that you do not over consume refined carbohydrates, fried foods, and junk foods.

Another important component to looking and feeling more youthful than your actual age is to engage in activities that bring true inner peace. For some this may mean meditation, for others prayers or music or sitting still by a quiet lake or stream. Even sexual activity helps to bring inner peace when you are in love. The connection between two loving bees is a wonderful way to bring balance of body mind and spirit.

During your hectic day take a moment or two and just mentally inhale that which you thoroughly adore; This could be a person, place, thing, an emotion such as the feeling of joy, the exhilaration of winning a contest, having millions of dollars suddenly fall into your lap, or anything else that brings you personal satisfaction. When you place yourself in the position to experience inner peace and joy you actually uplift your personal resonance, or the vibe that you send out to the world. When we send out beauty and joy and peace and honesty we will begin to sense those very same things returning to us.

Next, exhale all of the things you no longer need or want as part of you. Exhale fear, worry, grief, sadness, feelings of abandonment, shame, guilt, dishonesty, violations, anger, impatience, and all negative memories that have hurt you in some way. Let all of the people who have hurt you flow away from you and into this black box — they are not harmed just converted into a more wonderful and loving person.

As you imagine letting go of all of the things that burden you each day try to be clear about what they are. In your mind's eye as you identify what has hurt you or someone else, let them gather and then see these things as black streams or gray streams or blobs that are moving away from you. See them flowing effortlessly into a large black box that is suspended in the air a distance from you. Once they hit the box they dissipate instantly and become sparkling white lights that gently return to you bringing wonderful feelings, filling you with exactly what you were needing at that moment.

When we are children we do not judge our actions or our emotions, we just act and we feel. Somewhere along the line we may be molded into thinking that something is good or bad, or that we may be good or bad so we stop doing certain things or we stop feeling to one degree or another. Boys are often told to hold in their emotions because they would be considered weak if shown. Girls are told not to be so emotional because it makes people feel uncomfortable. Try to reclaim those joyful moments by going to that place in your mind where you once experienced joy and allow your mind to recreate that feeling for you.

Mastering the practice of experiencing inner peace is something I hope everyone can accomplish; it is an infinite space and one that brings such lovely balance of body, mind and spirit.

Other things that will help you slow down your personal aging: Being outside with nature, walking the beaches, hiking the mountains, looking at wildlife, taking warm baths in epsom salt, deep breathing exercises, doing one new thing a day, being with uplifting fiends and family members, eating live foods that have life-giving energy more often, holding your favorite pet, being around children and watching them enjoy life, not cooking your food too long or at high temperatures, wearing clothes that allow your body to breathe . Take care of your body from your hair to the soles of your feet. Perhaps massage therapy will get your circulation going and that is paramount to good health.

Make whatever you choose to eat of the highest quality possible. It is said that when we are grateful for our food it will balance the molecular structure. A Japanese Doctor by the name of Masaru Emoto did a beautiful scientific study providing that water crystals align when we say a prayer or feel grateful and the chosen language did not matter. Check that out on line. So being grateful for life, for all that you have, will also uplift you and others.

Choose your thoughts wisely. If you check your mind-chatter you may find that you are not your own best friend. If you are mentally sabotaging yourself please begin to change that mental movie. Try saying good things to yourself and about yourself. We must first learn how to love ourselves before we can truly love others. Write a list of all of your good exercises. Say them aloud and write them into your mental script. Program yourself to be youthful.

Each day when I look in the mirror I say "You look 35!" I certainly am much older, however, the more you say things like this, the more the subconscious mind must act to create it. So get to work in the mirror starting today. Do not allow yourself to say horrible things about your body and do not let anyone else influence you about how you view yourself. It is not always easy to let go of hurtful things other people may say, but it is important that you start to take control of your health and it all starts with A THOUGHT!

Do things that make you laugh every day. Play a game with children. Watch how they have mastered the art of truly "playing" a game. They immerse themselves in game playing; so honest. Participate in things that you love to do such as playing a musical instrument, dancing, boating, painting, singing, joining a non-for-profit group, visiting the museums, a ball park, or other activities that bring joy.

Every evening before bed practice inhaling youth and vibration. Inhale joy and peace. Mentally see your body getting youger and try to feel it happening. Sense your skin tightening and becoming more elastic, feel your body fat shrinking, your eyes sparkling, your mind sharpening and your energy increasing.

Make choices each moment that is better than the ones you have made before. Vibrance begins on the inside and will shine brightly no matter what your age. Think younger now!

Live well, live younger than your years!

Source by Janet Angel

Choosing a Family Ski Resort

Families especially are opting for ski vacations and why not when these ski resorts are providing such wonderful facilities for all age groups in a family. There are many ski resorts all over the world offering various discounts and packages to grab your attention. You need to make a little research on these ski resorts to know whether the resort you are going to book suits your family or not.

Not all ski resorts are geared towards families and children and also there are some resorts where the terrain and services are geared towards advanced skiers. It is important to choose the resort which satisfies the needs of both the beginner and advanced skiers. Generally, a family consists of children, adults and older people so if the resort you have booked is geared entirely for advanced skiers then there is not point of enjoying skiing for your family. Find a resort which greets your family with a family friendly atmosphere and provide all the services required by your family in an elegant manner. Most of the ski resorts consists of kids care centers with various kids programs in order to keep your kids occupied when all the adults are busy skiing down the slopes. Most of the ski resorts provide ski lessons through ski instructors who are helpful and can teach your family ski lessons perfectly. Usually they hire the ski instructors so that the customers do not have to face any difficulty during the learning process of skiing. They also posses the required first aid with them always because there are lots of chances for injury for beginners.

You might expect a town to be staying nearby the resort which has minimal crime and violence so that you can get the quality food, do shopping and hangout for sometime after skiing. There are many other non-skiing activities available at various family ski resorts wherein you can visit museums, play games, dog sledging, hot tubing, mountain hiking, biking, snowboarding etc and also attend yoga classes and visit salon for relaxation. So it is a complete entertainment for you and your family.

As there are a number of resorts available you need to search through internet for the services provided by each one of them or else inquire with your relatives or friends who have already visited these resorts. You can also contact different tourism agents who solely work on getting the latest information about these resorts. For your convenience and in order to save money search for the resorts nearer to your location instead of going far away from your place and spending lots of money only to meet the traveling expenses. Therefore, find the best suitable resort for your family and enjoy your vacation.

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Guide Your Guests To Your Accommodation Step By Step

Here is another simple way to receive more direct bookings on your website. This simple method has to do with the transportation process to reach your accommodation from a specific location. As you know, guests love clean rooms, delicious breakfast and useful amenities; however, what they love most is a very kind and supportive staff.

The staff have the ability and power to shift guests. They can make guests smile and make them feel very comfortable while they stay in their accommodation. Being aware of the fact that the staff of an accommodation have the energy and creativity to add that indescribable emotional feeling to their guests, would it not be awesome to use this preferred way even before the guests stay in your accommodation? Imagine how potential new guests would no longer hesitate to make a booking in your accommodation, instead just doing it without even thinking about it.

One effective way to reach this outcome is through a video of you. In this video you explain step by step how to reach your accommodation business from a specific location (e.g. from the airport / main station / bus station / highway). Through this video your audience gets to know you. They see you in person, they see your personality, your character, your gestures, and so much more. They realize that providing service to your guests even before they are standing in front of you is very important to you. The video that explains the transportation process step by step is much more than just a video that tells your potential new guests how to reach your accommodation. Your potential new guests actually absorb you, your brand, your accommodation and your services. Your audience is automatically and instantly creating an image of you and your business. When your guests arrive at your accommodation and watched this video, they will know you already. At the reception they will recognize you and perhaps tell you that they watched your video. Thus, you are not a stranger to them and your accommodation is not unfamiliar to them either.

A short video on how to reach your accommodation has a massive impact on your potential new guests. At the beginning it does not look like something special or something that moves the needle, but if you look behind the scenes and go a little bit deeper you realize how much potential this video really has. People want to be a part of great energy and they want to experience awesome locations and hosts.

Therefore, I challenge you to shoot a video within one week.

Source by Raj Pal S Kharabanda

The Gymnastics Vaulting Boards

Skills are developed and learn be good equipments in gymnastics, so they play very important role. One must fall comfort while using any apparatus. It helps the body to find more about gymnastics than just using a single apparatus.

Comfort level must be high while using the hard apparatus of vaulting boards.

Body reflexes and skills can be developed by gymnastic equipments as it is domed with other types of materials for it to be successful. Mats, running strips and vaulting tables are some equipment which can be set up with vaulting boards.

The pattern at vault holds the use of equipment also described as horse. 1.6 meter or 5.2 feet height, 1.25 meter or 4.4 feet height can be measured by the thing.

Gymnast will move towards horse fast and catch the equipment in length. Springer board will be taken off by him, after that he will place his hands on the equipment and ends his flight with movements of acrobatics and stop it with superb landing. Landing should be outstanding so that the spectators can enjoy it at the highest level of fun and enjoyment.

Perfection may not possible in it with fun. Commitment and practice can make it perfect. Commitment can guarantee the perfection you are seeking in due time.

Vault boards are also seen in many of the functions. Mostly in competitions, wood and metal is used to provide a great lift to gymnasts. Equipment is most important in gymnastics. The material of equipment can make big change in lifts and jumps of the gymnasts.

Before practice, it could not be presented in the event or competition. Serious problem may be occurred due to crashing of floor if there is a little change in routine. Little complication may disturb the whole life and entire routine as it can become dangerous at most if crashed.

Source by Todd Grummans

Panama – The Best Place to Live for Retirees and Outdoor Enthusiasts

The scenic getaways, tropical rainforest, famous canal, and inexpensive lifestyle make Panama an attraction to the world. This country is in fact second home to many retirees, outdoor enthusiasts and people who simply want to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle inexpensively. Panama has become the best place to live in for more than 1,000 American expats. These people have discovered that the country is full of amazing surprises where one can truly enjoy retirement and the best things in life.

What makes Panama so special? For one, Panama City is home to the country's famous Panama Canal. This historical landmark is very responsible for the country's booming economy. Even if the country is considered as third world, one can find beautiful skyscrapers and modern conveniences in its capital city. The country has advanced medical capabilities that are comparable to that in the United States and Canada.

Many Americans go to Panama for medical treatment and procedures. A doctor visit to a well experienced specialist can only cost $ 10 as opposed to spending more for doctor consultation in the US. I've been living in Panama for almost a year and have discovered that health insurance can be accepted for as low as $ 60 per month. Prescription medication also costs less in this country so medical expenses are substantiated reduced.

People who love the outdoors will be definitely in for a treat as the weather is generally sunny all year-round. There's a dormant volcano to climb, waterfalls to see and a rainforest to explore. You can also get a nice tan at the beach and eat the juiciest fruits while relaxing. White water rafting, zip lining, hiking, and many more outdoor activities for the young and old can be experienced in Panama.

Most importantly, the costs of living in Panama are very inexpensive. A couple can have lunch for only $ 8, drinks included. A retiree can be able to stretch his retirement funds as food, clothing and many other needs for daily living cost less than what one has to spend in the US, Canada or the UK.

While visiting Panama, you'll meet a lot of American expats who are permanently staying in the country. Most of these Americans are living in Boquete, which is a small mountain town that's known for its fine tasting coffee and spring-like weather. Apart from the country's scenic attractions, it would be nice to take a look at expat homes and visit the American community in some areas of the country. These people always have wonderful and truly inspiring stories to share.

While the best place to live in is highly subjective, Panama has become a retirement haven for people who used to live in America and Europe. These people now call home a country that has the best of both the old and the new. Modern amenities and conveniences abound while the country retains its historic identity and unique culture. The country continues to develop favorably, while showing off to the world its real beauty.

Source by Jackie Lange

Technical Vs Non-Technical Trail Running

The popularity of trail running as a sport has been growing steadily here in the North East and throughout the United States. While ultra-endurance events are still fairly underground, shorter trail races and plenty of trail running groups have been springing up left and right.

Trail running offers numerous advantages over training on roads, which is what is drawing most of the newcomers to the sport.

Some of those advantages include:

  • There is less impact on the body on trails…
  • Trail running is more fun than roads…
  • Recovery on trails is much easier than on roads…
  • There tend to be fewer overuse injuries from running trails…
  • Trail running is more fun than roads…
  • The air on the trails tends to be cleaner with more trees and less traffic…
  • You utilize more muscle groups when running trails…
  • Trail running is more fun than roads…

Technical vs Non-Technical Trails

The first thing that a trail runner wants to know about a new trail is whether it is technical or non-technical.

Non-Technical Trails are basically soft roads. They are well maintained, they tend to be wide enough for 2 or even more people to run abreast, and there are not very many obstacles in your path as you run. The best non-technical trails in the Southern Maine area are at Pineland Farms in New Gloucester, which boasts upwards of 15 miles of trails and is the home of the Pineland Farms Festival of Races each Spring which includes races such as the barefoot 5k and canicross 5k on Saturday and the 25k, 50k and 50 mile races on Sunday.

Technical Trails tend to be single track trails, which means that only one person can advance along the trail at a time. There will be numerous obstacles, including but not limited to rocks, roots, and rivers. You need to maintain your focus in order to run safely along a technical trail. The trails at Bradbury Mountain State Park in Pownal are a good example of technical trails and are easily reached from Portland. They are also the site of the Bradbury Mountain Trail Racing Series throughout the Summer.

Single-Track Trails are usually but not always pretty technical, but aren’t wide enough for people to run next to one another so you will need to remain single file when running in a group.

Double-Track Trails are wider than single-track and can accommodate at least two people running abreast, if not 3 or 4.  Double-track trails tend to be easier to navigate, and may or may not be technical in nature.

Source by Blaine Moore

Five Excellent Ski Resorts in Scandinavia

Skiing in Scandinavia may be less developed for the most part than the skiing in the Alps and elsewhere in Europe, but it is far to the north, which means you are almost guaranteed to find excellent snow and conditions. There is a long season this far north, and in some cases you can even ski in June, both day and bright-night. The prices are high in these countries, and après ski is perhaps best avoided or at least curtailed unless you have very deep pockets. But the ski passes themselves are often surprisingly affordable, and give access to some lovely uncrowded slopes. So why not consider a ski holiday in Scandinavia? Here are five excellent resorts to get you started on your research to find your perfect Scandinavian Ski holiday:

Hemsedal, Norway

Sometimes called the 'Chamonix of the North,' this resort is located in steep mountains which contrast sharply with the surrounding rolling hills. This ski resort is found three hours away from Oslo. It is an excellent bet for families, since there is a variety of skiing for beginners right through to those who feel truly in their element on the slopes, all packed into a fairly small area.

Geilo, Norway

This is a lovely, quiet ski resort, on the train line from Oslo to Bergen. It has fairly limited but sufficient facilities and though the number of runs is limited – there are only around 40 – the conditions and snow here are perfect for beginners and intermediate skiers.

Voss, Norway

The hills may not be the highest here, but the snow is still excellent and plentiful throughout the season, and the views are spectacular. The ski resort is right on the edge of the fjords, and you can sit on the mountain and look out over the Vangsvatnet – a beautiful lake through which the Vosso River flows before it meets with the Bolstadfjorden, and thence the North Sea. You could also combine this ski trip with a visit to the historic town of Bergen.

Levi, Finland

Far up into Lapland lies this purpose build ski village. It has twenty seven miles of pistes well suited to intermediate skiers, and if you are a host to head home in the evening, 17 of the runs are floodlit, even though, from March, the days are long.

Riksgränsen, Sweden

This resort lies far, far to the north, 125 miles into the Arctic Circle. It does not even open until March, when the weather is somewhat more manageable and the days grow longer. There are only a few pisted runs, and hotel options are limited, but this is a true paradise for those who heli-ski or enjoy an off-piste adventure. Why not wait until June, when will you be able to strap on those skis or that board under a midnight sun?

So, whatever your skill level and preferences, you are bound to find what you are searching for on the ski slopes of Scandinavia.

Source by Andrew A. Francis

Low Cost Materials Used for Mounting Digital Cameras

Getting a mini-digital camera close to the sporting action has become almost as important as the sport, itself. Many high-definition, (cameras that can record 1080 pixels per frame, or 1080p), sports video enthusiasts have devised a number of effective, low cost ways of getting their cameras into the action.

Often, it involves nothing more than a quick trip to the hardware store. Most mini-digital cameras have mounts that are close to standard PVC pipe sizes. This makes low-cost camera mounts much easier to devise.

The first challenge is to mount a vertical pole to a flat surface. Once again, the best place to look is in the plumbing department. Flanges that have screw holes are easy to find, and they are especially made to mount to a flat surface and receive a PVC pipe. Typically, the best size is one to one-and-a-half inches in diameter.

Once the vertical pole is mounted to the flat surface, the nest challenge is to mount the camera to the pole. If the camera mount is much smaller than the vertical PVC pipe, a reducer-coupler can be added to get the two holes to match in size. If the PVC pipe is close to the size of the camera mount, but not exactly match, duct tape can be wrapped around the pipe, or on the inside of the camera mount, to fill in the gaps. Sometimes epoxy glue works, as well, to help a close fit become an exact fit.
When uploading a camera to an improvised mounting device, some of the considerations are security, vibration, and view.

Security is important, because the cost of losing the camera is usually much higher than the cost of the mounting materials. Adding a lifeline to the camera, in case it falls off of the camera mount is highly recommended. Vibration is often the hardest factor to overcome. Most events that are recorded involve high-speed, jerky motion. The trick is to firmly secure the camera, and have it move along with the mounting surface. A tight fit is the best strategy to overcoming vibration.

Finally, the view that camera sees is an important consideration when devising a mount. The camera can be looking forward, looking back at the participant, pointing down at the ground, over the shoulder, or in a number of different positions. The view that the participant is trying to achieve becomes a major factor in trying to achieve security, no vibration, and still have the intended view when everything is complete.

Camera mounts can be devised with very low cost. The trick is to achieve the preferred view while maintaining security and keeping vibration low.

Source by John D Meyers

The Top 3 Activities Not to Miss in Fiji

Snorkelling and Diving

Clear waters along the coasts offer many opportunities for snorkelling with excellent visibility of colorful fish. Divers come from all over the world to experience the barrier reefs and walls of coral here.

The Great Sea Reef extends out in a curve between the two largest islands, Viti Levu (Big Fiji) and Vanua Levu. This reef embraces an intense lagoon. Along with Rainbow Reef between Taveuni and Vanua Levu, and Astrolabe Reef to the south of Viti Levu, this is one of the most prized diving areas in the world.

Fiji has many hotel options convenient to these top diving locations. Choose a travel package that includes accommodations and flight for the savings and convenience of having experts take care of the bookings. Fiji hotels fit all budgets from economy to luxury. Most hotels have arrangements for full diving equipment rental.

Day Cruise

Take a cruise of the archipelago for an intimate exploration of the islands. Many trips give travelers the chance to visit unpopulated islands and traditional Fijian villages. Enjoy the flash of bright feathers and bird calls in unspoiled rainforests. Cruises generally offer opportunities for diving or hiking.

A cruise to the Mamanuca Islands is a highlight of a trip to Fiji. The beaches and lagoons invite exploration and relaxation. Viewing the islands from a ship gives a sense of how these gems of the Pacific have looked to travelers from the time the first people arrived here.

The unspoiled coastlines, volcanic formations, verdant rainforests and pure aquamarine waters offer tranquility. A cruise gives travelers a larger vision of these islands. It's a sense of time travel, to boat, trek and dive, experiencing the ancient roots of the way of life that reigns here.

Sightseeing in Suva

Fiji's capital, located on Viti Levu, impresses visitors with its vitality and history. The Suva Municipal Marketplace offers an abundance of delights. Browse open-air stalls of vegetables, delicious tropical fruits, fish and local trips for a picnic or self-catering feast. Find souvenirs, handcrafts and playful photo opportunities amid localities and tourists mingling in one of the Fiji's largest markets.

The Botanical Gardens in Suva features the lush tropical plants and flowers that flourish in the islands. The Fiji Museum, located here, is a must-see for its extensive collection of archaeological artefacts and exhibits on the history and culture of this diverse land.

Fly to Fiji

Fiji flights land at Nadi International Airport on Viti Levu. Book a package tour and travel with confidence, knowing that the Fiji accommodation and travel arrangements will be completed with expertise and care. Packages offer the best rates for Fiji accommodation and travel. Close encounters with hypnotic manta rays and schools of brilliant fish weaving through fans of coral wait.

Source by Hugh McInnes