How to win the Delaware 6-38?

If you need to play lots Delaware 6/38, you have to win to win. Do not leave anything to chance. You can use a specific system, which can increase your likelihood of winning.
To win the Delaware 6/38 easily with a proven system and a lot of patience. You have to realize that the Internet there are many systems that promise to make you a guaranteed winner of the lotto, but in the end turned out to be a scam.
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The truth is that in the world there is no system that can actually predict the winning combination of numbers, whether in the Delaware 6/38 lottery and other state lottery games. So, if you come up with such a system, which claims that they can give you a winning combination of numbers, stay away.
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What lotto system can do is to increase your chances of winning significantly help in getting a few victories – large or small.
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People living in Delaware, know that they are lucky to get more chances to win the lottery Delaware 6/38, than in any other lottery games in the country or even around the world. But just as people know that despite the fact that luck plays a key role in winning the game of bingo is pure luck.
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Practicality strategies lotto

Here are a few strategies that can help increase your chances of hitting the big lotto Delaware 6/38:
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1. Choosing a combination Delaware 6/38 lot numbers, it is advantageous to have a good combination of odd and even numbers. You can play together with a combination as long as long as you do not bet on odd or even combinations.
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2. Divide the number of digits half: 1-19 for the first half and 20-38 for the second half. Your first half – it’s also small numbers, and the second – your high numbers. Then you can create your own combination, mixing numbers with your low figure (first half) or high numbers (the second half).
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3. You can also use a combination of their past number of lots, and the results of preliminary
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Lata games Delaware 6/38, to select the number, which is often a & # 39 is in the winning combination of numbers. You can also specify a group of numbers that are not represented, that will help you assess which group to ignore and do a big bet on which group.
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How can you attract good luck on your side

Because people strongly believe in the success, playing a major role in winning lotto Delaware 6/38, you can get the most benefit from it, share success with others, and vice versa. This means that you can associate with a group of people who believe that at least one member of your group was lucky to win the jackpot. You just need to carefully select a group to which you will join, because you do not want to be associated with people who are attracted to failure more than success.
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To ensure your victory in the Delaware 6/38, go on a proven system that will bring you constant winnings – large or small, and increase the profitability of the game.
But Libra has faced severe regulatory backlash. President Donald Trump has said Facebook may be required to apply for a bank license to issue it, while some US lawmakers have been planning the company’s digital currency plans. Central bankers have also spilled cold water on the idea, with Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell saying the project should be stopped until regulators’ concerns are addressed.
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The Elliptic boss said that while Facebook is “catching fire”, many other companies are exploring asset-backed virtual currencies. “It’s out of the box,” he said. “People are now thinking about it and what is the right way to do it.” Even central bankers are floating the idea, with Bank of England Governor Mark Carney proposing a digital reserve currency and China’s central bank claiming it is close to releasing its own virtual tokens.

Moving forward, Elliptic is opening offices in Singapore and Japan as part of a push to the Asian market. Japan is an example of a country showing more breakthroughs in the industry than others, Smith said, with “major banks” examining ways to provide cryptocurrency services to their customers. The company said revenue in Asia has increased tenfold in the last 12 months alone.


Do I need to enter in your home state?

If you decide to incorporate your business, it is usually a wise move. You can register in your home state. However, you may have heard or read that Delaware – a good condition, which can include. There is a reason that over 50% Fortune 500 and public companies include Delaware. Consider the type of business that you run first, and check the laws of your state in comparison with the DE to determine the best financial choices for your company.
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The advantages of incorporating in Delaware

Delaware has many advantages if you learn how to create a business there, especially for large companies. about their business law – one of the more flexible laws in the United States. Their judgment of the Office, which manages the business issues, focusing only on the laws of business, and they use the judges rather than a jury.
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You will pay tax on the franchise, if you create of “Delaware” when it comes to your business, but there is no tax on profits from corporate earnings, if your company operates in Delaware, but it works in other states. in taxation in Delaware requirements are usually favorable for companies with a large number of authorized shares and / or complex structures capitalization.
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Tax benefits in the State of Delaware

Delaware has no income tax for those who do not live there. Leaders and members of limited liability companies and the officers, C or S Corporation Corporation’s shareholders or directors should not live in Delaware to join the company. In addition, Delaware is tax shares belonging to people in other states.
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The judicial system in Delaware

Typically, the state judicial system is not one of & # 39 is a major factor, if you choose, which will form a LLC or include. However, the Courts in Delaware is extremely convenient for business.
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Court Office in Delaware is considered to be advantageous if your company is faced with claims of shareholders. This court hears only cases, and there is no unpredictable jury – they use only judges. This is a plus for large companies with many shareholders.
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Doing business in other states

Also consider whether your company needs to be registered to carry out business in the state except Delaware. This company is known as a “foreign qualification” Company and LLC, S Corp, or C Corp are considered “foreign” in all states except the state in which they are registered. This type of registration requires your company committed to business transactions in other than your country. LLC and a corporation registered in Delaware, may also need a “foreign law” in the country, because there is their physical location and the staff.
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If you think the inclusion in the State of Delaware, consider the low initial and ongoing costs for the companies that operate there. Consider also the cost of foreign qualifications and any other fees in your country. Delaware is so popular because it is beneficial to keep taxes and assets.

Medical Assistant Certification Program – that to you?

The health care industry is booming. However, most people still feel that to be a member of the industry is possible only in the presence of a licensed physician. This could not be further from the truth. There are many administrative and technical positions, which are very well executed on a general level.

In fact, almost hard to imagine how the medicine would work without the help of these professionals. Surgeons and doctors can not independently perform all the necessary tasks without assistance.

Who medical assistant?

Medical Assistant – a registered medical professional to perform basic clinical and administrative tasks required to supplement the work of the doctor.

Medical Assistant brings a smile to the face of the patient with the help of a health professional.

How to become a paramedic

For successful employment as a medical assistant you need to get certified.

In order to be eligible for this, you need to complete paramedic training program, accredited by the Bureau of Accreditation of Healthcare schools.

Certified medical assistant can be obtained in many organizations. Some of the most well-known organizations – the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) and the National Health Association (NHCA). Certification must be renewed every five years.

Popular training programs

There are many technical and community colleges offering accredited certification program paramedic.

Here are the names of some of the most popular colleges in all states –

• Community-armed Alaska Farm and Technical Coll. And the University of Alaska-Fortress.

• Alabama – Wallace Community Cola and Southern University Montgomery.

• Arkansas Arkanzaski Technical University.

• Arizona – Central Arizona and Coplan.

• California – Convertible, Coll and Shabat, Colonel.

• Colorado – Joint College of Denver and Cola Everest.

• Connecticut – metropolitan community Cola and Lincoln Coll of New England.

• Delaware – a Delaware Technical and public Coll.

• Florida – Bravdar Call and Daytona State.

• Georgia Technical College – Columbus and Augustus Technical Coll.

• GUAM- Guam squad Coll.

• HI-Geraldski college and Kaplalani.

• Iowa Kirkwood, communal society and south-eastern community.

• University of Idaho, Brigham Young and Idaho State University.

• Illinois – Harper and Westwood Call Number.

• Indiana – Brown Mackie Call and Ivy Tech Community colonel.

• Technical Kansas-Wichita College and National American University.

• National College of Kentucky Sullivan University.

• Louisiana – technical column car & # 39; EASURES and bosie parish board,

• Massachusetts – American Institute of car & # 39; EASURES and Salter Number.

• MD – Cecil Call and Alegani College in Maryland.

• Man-Bill-Calling College, and South Maine.

• Michigan Alpen Kal and Davenport University.

• Minnesota – Academy Cola and Globe University.

• MO-Call and Everest National American University.

• Mississippi – Mississippi Colonel community and northeastern Mississippi communities.

• Montana – Valley Valley County Flaged

• North Carolina – Brookstone Call and County Colonel Davidson.

• Nebraska – Central University of Nebraska-Cola and Methodist,

• New Hampshire-Manchester and color Gessar Gromada colonel.

• Institute of New Jersey – Berdan and Colonel Warren County.

• Nevada-Kala Southern Nevada.

• New York – Erie Community and Colonel Plaa.

• Ohio-Zane-Call and University of Akron.

• Oklahoma Tulsa, Kala Moore Norman Technology Center,

• Oregon – Central Oregon Community cooperation and mountains. Hood Community Co.

• Pennsylvania – Berks Community and Thompson Institute.

• South Karalina- Fate Zhunier and Southern University.

• South Dakota – Technical Institute, Lake and Colorado Technical University.

• Tennessee – South cooperation and the National Company Co.

• TX – Cisco and Col on the mainland.

• University of Applied Technologies Utah Davis and Broadview University & # 39; w

• Virginia Bryant and Côte Stratton College tide.

• Washington – Clarke and Olympic co.

• Wisconsin – Madison and technical cooperation staff and Rasmussen College.

• University of West Virginia – Mountain State and Huntingdon Junior Co.

Illegal sports gambling – is big business! Will he finally legal? The Supreme Court must decide

No matter what sports season we perform, you probably have a favorite sport that you love next. Maybe March Madness & # 39; yatstva College Basketball NFL, baseball, hockey, golf or football. Perhaps you would like to make a small bet, but many sports fans in the United States are seeking legitimacy and legality of online gambling. If you live in the United States, your legal options for sports betting in a brick and mortar casinos are limited to Nevada, and to a certain extent – the racetrack Delaware.

The Supreme Court heard arguments on the challenge in New Jersey that would allow sports gambling in casinos and highways. If the court rules in favor of the State of New Jersey, for the games, experts predict that the majority of states jumping on the bandwagon to legalize, to fill public offices by tax revenues.

If you are not familiar with the details of how to bet on sports, below explains how it all works:

Sports Betting Jargon

Before we understand the specifics, here is a little explanation of the jargon that will help you understand the process:

  • effect – The deadline for all rates that occur during the event.
  • pen – The total amount of money pledged at the event.
  • dissolve – to give one of the two teams points to align the rates.
  • Sports book – Institutions that accept bets on sporting competitions.
  • Juice – The percentage of the resulting victory of the rate equal to the prevailing rate of money. sometimes called Vig, which briefly vivacity.

types of bets

There are many different types of bets. To date, football attracts the most effect with the greatest pen. Only the Super Bowl attracts more than $ 100 million in legal rates, and more than three billion (that's billion with a B!) The illegal betting. Now you can see why the government wants to act.

  • even money – Players only betting on one team to win another. Sports book takes juice / TIG the winning payout. overall Whig it's $ 11 for $ 10 (Bettor salary of $ 11 wins $ 10) The house retains $ 1. Most rates will point spread (String). If the player picks up the ensemble, S / he scores. if traitor collects favorite, it sets (gives) points.
  • Betting on Parliament – Betting on multiple (two or more) teams to win. That scenario decomposition point ticket. Let's assume that the event number 1 Tampa Bay plays in Green Bay GB advocates win by at least 3 points. In case № 2 Buffalo plays in Miami, and BUF It is expected to win by at least 7 points. Your ticket to the game will look something like this:

Visitors to the event against the house

1. TV GB. -3

2 BUF . -7 MIA

This means that if you bet GB they must win more than 3 points. rate BUF It requires them to victory more than 7 points. Choosing favorites, you put (giving) points. If you put your money GB and Ministry of Internal Affairs, you would have taken (received) points.

One way to avoid confusion – sign the score before the game. for example on the ticket:

The result before the game is as follows:

  1. TV 3 0 GB
  2. MIA 7 Buff 0

After the game is finished, just let Dudarev points. In most jurisdictions, the player loses a player. In other jurisdictions, the payment of prizes for one tie is reduced to the next lowest rate payments. Normal casino game – it is a choice of four teams 10 times stavka.Bet $ 10, win $ 100, but you can bet on two to twelve games. The more games you are, the higher the winning payout.

  • Over / Under – One scenario – a bet that the final bill will be exceeded or under a certain amount of a given number.
  • rate support – Offer rate if you predict the result of a predetermined amount of details on one ticket. Example: General purpose field over / under 4. Total interceptions over / under 3. The total number of bags over / under 2. Total prepared yards, the total number of yards and the list goes on and on.

If you are visiting Vegas or other jurisdictions that allow sports gambling, good luck!

The mystery of Stsyukshela

When Professor Alex Brown from the University of Delaware teaches Internet application technology in marketing class about the wonders of the Internet, it is, of course, uses very modern methods of teaching.

for example, stiuqxela . This is correct, but not a typo. Stiuqxela – one of his own creations Professor Brown. Spelling "Alex goes" back, this term has no real value. This is often an indication of the official website of Green Bay Packers, but again, no reason. In fact, the whole reason for the election of "stiuqxela" class was that she did not make any sense, and not with the & # 39; was online 6 months ago. However, now it is possible to see hundreds and hundreds of different pages.

So what's the point in everything? Professor Brown, using this term, is trying to teach a class a little about SEO – search engine optimization. After each student optimizes blogs in the classroom under the term, Professor see who can reach the top of Google in the end of the semester.

Students not only gain nahvalnyya right, shooting down all the others in two class sections, but also win the prize unopened. (Last year, the prize was a copy of the book "The World is Flat", associated with some of the concepts that apply in the classroom).

So, who will win this year? You will need to wait and see. However, you can check the current rating by typing "stiuqxela" at Google. (For interesting alternative to try entering the term in MSN or Yahoo. By doing this, you can see how Google, MSN and Yahoo are different search algorithms).

Great Southern grapes Maskadina

Maskadina grapes come from the southern states, but it can be found from the Delaware to the Gulf of Mexico. It is very suitable for this hot humid climate of the southeastern states. There is growing well. There are much better suited for the culture than other types, because there are not usually concerned about the disease and the weather & # 39; e. Fruits are used for wine, unfermented juice and jellies and jams.

There are many varieties, maskadiny – all family rotondifolii, and in North Carolina there are varieties that concern 1760. berries Var & # 39; iruyutstsa from green to black, the majority have lilavy – black. most soft sweet and of good quality. Quite a lot of varieties


It is the oldest and most widely planted variety Berries Var & # 39; iruyutstsa from green to reddish in color. They are soft and sweet and richly flavored. and of good quality. The clusters are a lot of berries. This variety is perfect for wine.


This is a very fruitful vine. I believe that this is the best in all their diversity. Grapes and dark wine color, the grapes are very sweet and fragrant aroma is the best variety for nefermentavanaga grape juice and canned goods. This is actually one of the favorites of our family & # 39; and.


These berries are dark purple – black, they are very large. they are very fleshy grapes of average quality. The grapes of this grape is very fruitful. It can be used for the production of medium-grade wine. I personally think that if you keep this sort of wine, it matures pretty good.


Grapes are almost black. The vines are considered to be very fruitful. I can tell you that does not assess grape Mish, it is considered a good grape vines, but this is one of my favorites. You really can not fully appreciate the different varieties, if you really have not experienced and have tried different varieties

USDA provided more than 15 varieties of its work on wild grapes. some of them include Burg, Duplin County, Pender, Tarhel Wallace, Vilard, Hunt, Black, South, light bronze, Creek and many, many others. http://www.storage-plans.com

Hidden dangers of MSG

Ever read the label of food, just to confuse what it means to a lot of these ingredients? You may notice words such as gidralizavany protein, sodium caseinate, sodium glutamate and natural flavors. Enterprises of food processing in fierce competition with each other, using the account number, packaging and taste, to acquire more customers. As for the taste, what chemicals are used by many food companies, and what are the dangers?

By MSG, sodium glutamate or with & # 39 is a flavor enhancer, which was opened in 1908 in Tokyo, a Japanese professor. He was inducted into the American soldiers during the Second World War after the US kvatermaystry realized that the Japanese soldering have a very good taste. With such success, he was presented to the mainland of the United States in 1948. From now on, the amount of MSG production padvoyvalasya every decade. The first side-effects of obesity and numbness were reported in 1968. The conditions of admission of gastric patient may include changes in blood pressure, heart palpitations, chest pain, muscle swelling, asthma, temporary blindness, dizziness, headaches, cramps, numbness, anxiety, behavior problems in children, hyperactivity, insomnia, loss of sharpness of the mind, vagueness of language, joint stiffness and pain, digestive problems, blurred vision, swelling of the prostate, memory dysfunction, obesity, and skin reactions. This is especially harmful to pregnant women and nursing mothers as well as babies. Studies have shown:

  • At least 25 percent of the US population responsive to glutamic acid, from dietary sources MSG
  • Ohguro study showed that the effect of MSG on the animals for 3-6 months resulted in a significant risk of damage to the retina.
  • In 1998, EPA approved the use of processed free glutamic acid, which is used for spraying fruit, grains and vegetables.
  • In an article in the peer-reviewed journal in 1999 under the title "The toxicity / safety of processed free glutamic acid (MSG): a study on the suppression of information" revealed that exposed laboratory animals suffered brain damage, neyroendokrynnyya disorders, and obesity. Such conditions diseases as ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, progressive degeneration of motor neurons and brain cells), Alzheimer's disease, seizures and stroke associated with glutamate derivatives.

MSG, or Monatodium Glutamate, has over forty different names. This is a neurotoxin that acts as a poison by stimulating neurons in the central nervous system to the excitation state, which can lead to neurological degeneration. Its main component, glutamic acid, can penetrate the brain hypothalamus (adjusting weight control) punching natural "blood-brain bar & # 39; er" by acting on the brain and causing further health problems. No wonder MSG produced and used by many food manufacturers for frozen dinners, soups, condiments, infant formulas, processed baby food, cocktails, snacks and others. It is also used in many restaurants, supermarkets and school cafeterias. Currently, the FDA has very little control. According to the book "Ekssitotoksiny: the taste that kills", Dr. Russell Blaylock:

Supplements that contain MSG: sodium Gnatamat, glutamic acid, gidralizavany protein, sodium caseinate and calcium, yeast extract, textured protein avtalizavany yeast, oat flour gidralizavany

Additives, which often contain MSG: Malt extract and flavor Maltodekstryn, bouillon, broth, margin, natural flavors, natural beef or chicken flavor, seasonings, all that is enriched with protein, soy sauce, all or fermented vltrapasteryzavanae

Additives which may contain MSG or Excitotoxins: Enzymes, soy protein concentrate and isolate, protein concentrate syrovatkavy, carrageenan, gelatin, rice syrups

FDA has done very little to warn consumers about the dangers of MSG consumption. Currently there are no regulations that require food producers to share the amount of MSG produced in processed foods. In addition, the FDA allows a lot of ingredients, which contain by MSG, classified and grouped under the title, flavors, aromas, flavors or natural flavorings . Disclose need only MSG and gidralizavany protein, resulting in about 35 other MSG hidden conditions, food companies should not publish users.

MSG and glutamic acid, – dangerous chemicals that many food companies and institutions used to enhance the taste of food. Exclusion of foods in your diet that contain these dangerous poisons, very good for your health, and especially to avoid their pregnant mothers, infants and children. And as always, understand the ingredients in your labels!

A common question about Ltd.

Limited Liability Company with a & # 39 is a popular sub & # 39; an object of management for small businesses. Here are some common questions and answers about the nature.

LLC stands for Limited Liability Company. For the first time this organization was created in Wyoming in the late 1970s, but now it is available in all states. Ltd. is touted as a great sub & # 39; facility management for small businesses, because it ensures the protection of a corporation without the formalities. It also offers the opportunity to be taxes as a partnership, although in some situations, there are some limitations in this version.

Before getting into common questions and answers regarding the LLC, it is important to note that the rules governing the structure – is first of all the state laws. Although taxation in most cases the same for our friends from the IRS, there is no national legislation on how to create an LLC, govern, and so on. Instead, the state is established by law. As you can imagine, California law differs from Delaware law which differs from the law of the State of New York and so on. If we talk, the following are some common questions that arise.

Can a company owned by the same person? In the vast majority of states a person may be eligible LLC directly. However, this simple answer leads us to a secondary problem. Ltd., owned by one person, known as a "member" can not be taxed as a partnership. Why? For partnership requires two persons. If there is only one owner, the IRS requires him or her filing taxes as if the Company & # 39 with an individual owners. This means that you must pay the 15.3 percent self-employment tax.

What is the difference LLC and S-corporation? For many small businesses is the ultimate challenge in determining the sub & # 39 facility management. In general, S-corporations have a limit on the number of shareholders limited no more than 75 shareholders. As an S-Corporation is required to comply with corporate formalities, mean holding meetings and so on. On the positive side, S-corporation usually offers a better tax situation than the Company. Why? The members of the LLC must pay social security taxes and Medicare for all distributions. The shareholders of S-corp must only do so for their reasonable salaries. Any profit need not include the payment of such tax.

Ltd. should hold an annual meeting? The answer depends on the laws in your state and the agreement on the exploitation LLC. In general, there is no such requirement. If this is the case in your state, you will still need to meet at least once a year. Why? If the company sued, you want to show that it was like a business, and the annual meeting – a good way to do it. Corporate book that has not been touched since the creation LLC, never looks good.

As you can imagine, there are many other issues that arise when it comes to the company. That being said, it is more common to be solved, and often – no.

Landscapes – Problem Solving

While landscaping is mainly set to change the way the appearance of the house, a well-designed garden can change and the functioning of the house. Including factors such as the environment, and taking into account the practicality of design in the planning of the landscape, you can increase both aesthetic and monetary value of the house.

A little-known fact that the installation of "smart landscape design" can not only increase the value of a home, but in fact may even reduce energy costs. Evergreen trees planted on the north and north-west sides of the house, will block strong wind, while allowing winter sun. Healthy green grass grown around one of the windows, the wind can cool from the hot coating on the same. ten degrees. These changes may reduce heating bills and cooling down to 20%.

Landscaping also provides many environmental benefits. A 50 & # 39; x 50 & # 39; The area of ​​lawn absorbs carbon dioxide and hydrogen fluoride, while stressing enough oxygen to meet the needs of the family & # 39; and four people. In fact the garden – a living air filter.

Finally, a great landscape reduces stress and provides a desirable oasis from our busy lives. Researchers from the University of Delaware found that patients who vyzdaravlivalisya the operation, whose windows faced the landscaped gardens, carried out in the hospital less time than those facing a brick wall.

In general, the benefits of installing an accomplishment many, and most of the costs are compensated by increasing the value of the home, energy efficiency and health. Visit us at http://www.orserlandscaping.com.

Teach your children to invest review books – the Investment Management in the stock market

Author: Tamra Orr (2009)

Posted by Mitchell Lane Publishers, PO Box 196 Hockessin, Delaware 19707

ISBN 978-1-58415-642-0

Price of the book: US $ 11.00

Author of more than 100 books for children

Tamra Orr with & # 39; is the author of over 100 books for children of all ages, as well as several books and articles about money management and the stock market. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her children and husband and spend as much time as reading. Be a writer – this is the best job she could imagine.

investment world

In 6 short chapters, readers will find a brief idea about the investment world. Tamra Orr argues that the investments have a partial ownership (1 cm.); become a shareholder (see 2). code cracking (see 3). world stock exchanges (4 cm.); survived the crash (see 5). and never too early to start investing money (see para. 6). Start learning today.

Inspiring young minds to invest

Tamra Orr draws young readers with relevant themes and youthful expressions to capture their interest. She starts a conversation between two young students in the school, sharing, "Tim grunted … I have a part of McDonald's." "You do not!" Sasha said. "… My grandmother bought me a few stocks in the McDonald's birthday …"

By defining simple words, Tamara tells young readers, void sumnyashesya. This will work for adults. When she explains what action, she said: "This is a business that can buy other people."

Orr is divided into simple, practical tips that anyone can follow to help readers apply its principles. It focuses on the stock market investment, offering '. If you do not have the cash right now, you can still learn about the market Think about what you do money, and then monitor the market to see what would happen. ".

Tamra has a greater ability to concentrate on the aspects which attract the attention of young people. In one case, it has achieved the opportunity to vote on the company's showing: "Possession of even a small part of the company can be exciting enough Many companies own one share to buy you the right to voice your voice … In the end this may affect the way. McDonald adds another chicken sandwich or a new flavor of cake! "It promises to children's empowerment.

Children and adults will be trained and encouraged to start investing. Orr krapkue: "It's never too early."

Take advantage of personal investment

Tamra Orr educated, inspires and enables young and old to take advantage of personal investment!

Success Step: Find your favorite company on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange), and then follow the stock.

Study abroad, the brain drain

Study abroad and brain drain

Some students choose to continue their education in another country for various reasons. They may want to learn the language of the host country, their main resource of first-hand, or you may experience political and social problems in the country, which forced them to go to another country to study (brain drain). Or it could be because familiarity with the culture of other countries; in fact, the cross-cultural impulse was strengthened in the era of globalization. People become known means other countries or strong points in a special academic field and go to get this knowledge.

In some countries there are consultants to study abroad, which have links with universities in several countries, and provide students with the necessary information about the course, payment of scholarships and assistance in carrying out orders and guidance on business visas. Therefore, the tendency to find the right university has become easier.

In the US, the first program of study abroad started in 1923, Raymond W. Kirkbryde, who was an instructor at the Department of Modern Languages ​​at the University of Delaware, offered his plan for the university president. His plan, "Delaverskae Foreign Studies", was adopted. At a time when America loved to remain isolated, eight students sent to study in France.

From now on, dispatching work continued in various ways. One way to & # 39 is Winterim or winter session in which the student takes part in the educational program for a short period between the fall and spring semesters. The duration of training may range from one week to a whole academic year. Today, the United States, students choose the UK for study in other countries, and then in Italy and Spain.

On the other hand, on the & # 39; union of states with a & # 39; is the main host for students from abroad. It is "the world's largest international student population of almost 600 000 students who have decided to expand their education and experience in the United States. Almost 4% of all students enrolled on higher education, from & # 39 are foreign students. Grow." However, the rate of admission of students from the United States has changed over time and has not always been growing steadily.

For example, after the September 11 attacks on the Union Trade Center, limitations and restrictions that before & # 39 are to issue student visas, especially for the Arab Muslim countries, it has decreased the number of students. In the field of treatment of students from suspected countries, mostly Muslim and Arab countries, of course, in the Congress, it was proposed that "limits the right to obtain student visas."

Moreover, those who studied there, faced with the university to return the problem, even some of them are forced to leave school. These restrictions have been implemented, while student visas are a small percentage of people who enter the US on either ear. Therefore, harsh measures against the students look like something unreasonable.

Pave the way to the US Department of Education may, in the interests of some other reasons. Many students and scientists from other developing countries, prefer to stay in America and continue his scientific work due to social and political issues in their countries. This growth trend was known as "brain drain". "The term originated around 1960, when many British scholars and intellectuals have emigrated to the United States for a better working environment."

It "can simply be defined as the mass emigration of technically qualified people from one country to another. Brain drain can have many causes, such as political instability in the nation, the lack of opportunities, risks to health, personal conflicts, etc. Draining may also be called" human capital flight ", because it resembles the capital flight case, which involved the mass migration of financial capital."

The study of the causes of brain drain in various fields has led to a variety of reasons. For example, in the Middle East, "the absence of certain fixed assets and services & # 39 is the cause of mass migration from these areas, dictatorship, terrorism and Orthodox attitude -. It is the main obstacle to the development of the region.

In Asia, unemployment, population explosion and corrupt political system & # 39 are the main reasons for the migration of skilled workers from the area.

In countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc. graduates, postgraduates, experienced and qualified specialists do not get enough opportunities for development and success. So what about the development of the dream these professionals leave their home country in search of a better future. Such a brain drain from the & # 39 is a great loss for these developing countries. "As the African continent, which" according to the study, Ethiopia has lost 75% of skilled workers for 1980-1991. "

Studying in another country can be a good way of liberation from other cultures, in addition to studying specific knowledge. Thus, if each country to improve employment opportunities for these graduates and receive welfare, then they win, sending the students instead of losses. Completed people with a broad attitude, knowing the experience of other nations and other experiences, such as self-contained result of life except family & # 39; and, perhaps, could think, manage and cope better.

Steamtown National Historic Landmark

1. The birth of the railways:

The distance between the United States so far, sparsely populated areas in the early 1800s were significant, and the expanse between them untouched, hostile and obstacles. Yet the need to deliver more of them. Railway tracks eventually provide them with the necessary arteries once the caterpillar has won technology and engines of sufficient power were designed to ensure that their absharpats.

Because of these conditions, investment in railways in the UK, and the US has accelerated, resulting from the & # 39 appeared the first problems with the rail, as, respectively, Liverpool and Manchester, which began its activities in 1830 and the Railway South South Carolina, progressively showing that the young industry would become inextricably linked with the production of goods and proved the prediction that this will be "the largest American business of the 19th century."

While companies were still small, private affairs, and covered again & # 39; the combined areas of the east coast from Maine to Georgia, a few adventurous companies have managed to resolve the path to the west through the Appalachians. The constant growth in demand for equipment for the transport of goods and commodities has caused more than 9,000 miles gasket track, although in New England and the Middle Atlantic states has thus far still has.

Ten years after the ever fruitless, only available for horses and bleak expanses were replaced by iron network of tracks in every state east of the Mississippi River, which is more expensive more than three times the total length of 1830.

Avoiding further expansion, the Civil War, however, can be attributed to the first conflict in the United States in which this method has played an important role in transporting troops and supplies. And when it was decided, the mileage on the highway is only reflected the increase in the speed of the locomotives that besieged him, 94 thousand in 1880, 193 million in 1900 and 254,000 in 1918, creating a unity coast to coast.

The railway industry is self-feeding and to establish and maintain its growth, providing materials factory, such as cotton, coal, iron and iron ore, and the waste from the finished product, which they contributed to the fabric, machinery, steel, and transformed the once agricultural nation in the process of Industry. Perhaps even more important, but the fact that the railroad served as a means for living, transporting immigrants in Minnesota, Kansas, Nebraska, Dakota and Pennsylvania in the valley lacquered.

Practically replacing flyover line and river boats, rail road offered rate and long-distance transportation, reducing the previous six-day trip between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia in 1812 by former method to five hours at 1920 railway year.

While technology has replaced the horse-drawn carts victory, he began to catch the railway with his hands, which have become a victim. Construction of roads after the Second World War, along with an increase in the spread of cars and trucks, beginning to prove its superiority, speed and convenience, tempting goods and passengers from road to rail in the early 1950s, has not yet decreased demand. reduced maintenance, and sometimes giving up is not the right lines. Promotion of this decline is the fact that the once powerful but polluting steam engines began to be replaced by a quiet, clean diesel.

Today, the technology of coal combustion, which was important for the expansion of the country may be interpreted at the national historic site Scranton & Steamtown.

2. Rail Yard Scranton:

Valley of Pennsylvania and Wyoming were lacquered providers and recipients of a win-win growth. Attracting some 30 ethnic groups who were looking for an iron mill and steel, silk mill, a coal mine and work on the railroad, they provide anthracite coal, which fueled engine, contributed to the growth and transporting workers, seven of them & # 39; and materials in and out of the cities to which they gave rise.

Of the five major railroads that served the Scranton and were responsible for the creation of industrial complexes – Central New Jersey, Delaware and Hudson, Erie, New York, Ontario and Western, as well as lacquered and Wyoming Valley latter was created in 1853 George and Seldanam Scranton (after whom the city was named), who sought economic means of transporting its iron products, such as rails, which were used during the construction of the track.

On the & # 39; yadnavshy three existing companies Cayuga and Susquehanna, Lackawanna and Western, as well as Delaware and Cobb & Gap, they set up the Delaware, the Lackawanna and Western Railroad, which covered about 1000 miles the main and branch tracks between Hobaken, New Jersey and Albany New York. But perhaps even more important for today's visitor, they laid the groundwork for a broad national historical monument Steamtown, many of the structures that date from this period.

His final decline, along with Scranton & s, the economic activity which was inextricably linked with it, began when in 1920 the need for anthracite coal decreased gradually replacing gas and oil as domestic and industrial fuel sources, while diesel engines will soon replace a guy that needs to be stripped of the & # 39; sites that support it, especially in the repair shop, which closed in 1949.

Following the merger of Delaware, lacquered and Western longtime rival Erie lacquered gradually dims the lights at a railway yard in Scranton in 1960, and the plug was finally extended over 20 years, when it was absorbed into the Consolidated Rail Corporation (Conrail).

3. Steamtown National Historic Site:

Located in the heart of Scranton on 40 acres of the former Delaware, lacquered and Western rail yard, modern collection consist of locomotives, passenger carriages and freight wagons, collected seafood processors New England F. Nelson Blount in the 1950s and 1960s, a circular configuration buildings surrounding the turntable and make Steamtown National historic Site, immediately transport the visitor into an earlier era.

"You're going to experience a part of the American Railroad, which did not exist half a century – the era of the engine," says the museum. "National Historic Site Steamtown was established October 30, 1986 to further public understanding and evaluation of the steam railway role in US development. This is the only place in the system of national parks, which tells about the steam railway tracks and this people are saying that it made it possible" .

Entrance fees and short train trip can be purchased on the outer box.

"Working on the Railroad rarely romantic or glamorous," – advises the museum. "Basically, it was hard work – dark, noisy, oily and sometimes dangerous Today machine operators continue to work on the repair and maintenance of locomotives and rolling stock on the site, and the tools and techniques are practically unchanged from 1930..

"The National Park Service has kept industrial working character of this historic Delaware, lacquered and Western Railway to introduce the visitor to Steamtown realistic image of the railway pair era."

Pass through the visitor center provides access to external countertops and plenty of exhibition buildings surrounding it.

The length of 90 feet, the turntable itself, such as a representative, which was used after 1900, served as the hub of the complex round the houses, its tracks, like the spokes radiated to each of the engine stall. If locomotives back into service, they agreed on a narrow, dipotassium pass, at the time the control cabin, located an operator rotates the rotation axle so that it is aligned with the designated stall.

Going head first, locomotive, still tsyagnuvshy their tenderness, moved into it, ensuring that it remains below the smoke attack chimneys.

If you planned to leave, the process has changed.

Here are the state of the engine Illinois Central Railroad, No. 790, built by the American Locomotive Company in 1903 and the configuration of the wheels 2-8-0, he was carrying freight from Tennessee. He was not retired until the 1950s.

18-minute film "Steel and the couple" offers a good introduction to the site.

The first building, located counterclockwise – a History Museum, whose exhibits highlight the evolution of the steam railway in the United States since 1850, which reflects the early railways, the associated life and their relationship with work, business and government, as well as possible, illustrating Delaware, lacquering and Western landmarks from the beginning of the 19th to mid-20th century.

Artificial waterways for exhibits, gave practical alternative to the then high price turnkey. In 1816 Deviit Clinton persuaded the legislature of New York State to establish the Erie Canal from Albany on the Hudson River to Buffalo on Lake Erie, creating an important and lucrative transport route from east to west, and encouraging the development of such systems is the eastern channel of channels. It took some time before the road was replaced waterways.

Although railroad tracks can be traced back to the ancient Roman carriages, the design of these trains, which worked flanges, wooden rails and wheels, began only in the 16-17 centuries to transport coal from the mines in the Ruhr Valley in Germany.

Improvement of small steam engines of low pressure, which are used for pumping water from the same mines, was the threshold to the early development of the steam engine, the first of which, in 1804 utvaryvshysya guide rails in Pen-y-Darren Whales.

The visitor may incorporate sight and sound of steam passenger railway tickets in the window, which provides a wait, in which you can hear Pyrkov smoke, and crashing bells tracks.

The passage through the doors that padyavlyayutstsa to platform features two beautifully restored cars from the tracks. The first issue of 1100 – is a steel carriage post office Louisville and Nashville built the American automobile and foundry company in 1914. Second, the business coach Erie number 3, was built around 1929 by Pullman and offered luxury two crew members and nine passengers with two cabins, two bedrooms, decorative rooms, kitchen, dining room and the dining room sports.

Significant both for the steam railway, and for the museum complex with the & # 39 is a round house, which was built in 1902, rebuilt in 1917 after a fire, which required the original design, and expanded two decades later.

"Round the house was found in the heart of Delaware, lacquered and Western households," says the museum. "Here, machine-daily service locomotives. Regular checks, easy repair of boilers and waste. Hissing steam hammering and unmanned engine provides a constant background for the mechanics."

Some highlights train, located in the respective coils include Canadian National Railways number 3254, Canadian National Railways number 2317, Delaware, lacquered and western number 565, nickel plate number 759 and number 6039 Great boot.

From 1902 in a separate round house was 46 stalls, but its current modernization program only three remained intact. Using standard industry practice, it is not heated, so it was thought that in these conditions the machine operators, who were warmly dressed, worked great.

Today, his three caterpillar engines and machines allow for a thorough check.

First, switch Spang, Chalfant and Company 0-6-0, bearing 9, it was delivered in April 1923. His right cut-off makes it possible to inspect the boiler and its inner workings.

Second, ancient style Rutland Caboose, number 28, was built in 1920 and has established a set of truck and four-wheel trucks.

Third, the same wooden Delaware, lacquered and Western train, number 43651, is tens of thousands who were transporting goods and products that protect against exposure to the outside & # 39; I and damage across the country.

Although these round houses were kernels of maintenance and repair of locomotives, lower overhead facilitate inspection pit them. The archaeologist digs brick pits since 1865 and 1902/1937 years, finding its advanced technology the construction of external artifacts between the two sections of the round house.

National Historic Site Steamtown & Museum, kissed the earlier of the two, offers projects for locomotive design, architecture, railroad, Shlyakhova technique, signals, communications, and security.

The full economic potential of the railways, was quickly he explains, implemented after the locomotive paragmatychna demonstrated its capabilities, and it has evolved significantly, stanavivshysya more powerful and using stronger and smoother the rails when they are transporting passengers and cargo across the country . However, the development of signaling and communication systems industry has made more secure and reliable.

Working with a small, rolling tea kettles, steam locomotives increased in size, strength and finesse, using more steel for building and consuming more coal in its operation.

This progress can be obtained from the profiles of the locomotive types that are moved by those who are not attracted to the cargo, to the two-wheel, four-wheel and articulated using the front rotary engines.

Integrated shop museum shop, located outside the boundaries of the round, it is located in the state of Delaware, and West varnished concrete and steel Pancake house since 1912, which was located close enough to the round house for convenience, but far enough away to minimize the damage to personnel and rolling stock.

The inter & # 39; EASURES double-section have a bookstore / gift shop, located in a former warehouse and basement, containing up to 14 tanks of lubricating oil required for lubrication of the engine components, including the car, the engine, the mineral raw materials, turpentine, gasoline, warning lamp and the types of cylinders. Visitors can take a peek into the pit at ground level, which served as the location for distribution.

Through the tracks in the yard, the headquarters of the foreman. Since 1902, it is one of the oldest structures that have survived in Delaware, lacquered and West.

However, nothing is more symbolic celebration of the engine than the site of the Union Pacific 4-8-8-4 "Big Boy" number 4012, was built in November 1941, the American Locomotive Company in Schenectady, New York. Today it is one of the eight survivors of the original 25 and the only east of Wisconsin.

Pulling 132.10 feet, carrying 28 tons of coal and 24,000 liters of water, with a loaded weight of 1,189,500 pounds of soft, sticky and developing strength 135.375 pounds, he, nevertheless, able to reach speeds of over 80 km / h, dragging a long, heavy units and freight trains over the steep presentations east of Salt Lake City over the mountains Vasatch. It represents a top steam engine technology.

Final dive visitor in an era can be achieved during a 30-minute train ride four miles, which is called "Scranton Limited" from the yard, extended locomotive Baldwin number 26, as indicated by coal-black soot thrown his stack and sometimes envelop passenger cars windows on a high ceiling, which complete with seats and luggage racks. Making your way between the rolling stock and on switches and groom, he concludes visit to National Historic Site Steamtown.